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Thread: MOTU Redesign Challenge #103: Sir Laser Lot!!!

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    here is my SLL

    btw. does somebody know how I delete thumbnails without deleting my complete post?

    sir laser lot redesign by red norvell.JPG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post

    but blastattak's vision of laser-lot really shines:
    you really nailed it, sir. nice thing is that this style could be also
    used for an awesome version of extendar.
    Thank you! Thank you very much!
    I kinda have fetish for "live action movie" designs, and that's why I kept overall design and likeness of SLL...
    As for Extendar, I have some ideas, and he'll be different from SLL, I won't go with "retro-future/art deco meets medieval" like I did here...

    Excellent redesigns everybody!
    My favorite entries so far are:

    crusader's "black knight" version. "electro-laser" sword is awesome!

    Micro-Man - simple and to the point. His helmet is very cool, and I like that he has shoulder armor similar to MAA,

    Zombihamma-AI's jazzed up kill-knight of doom,

    gbagok's "I want is as a staction" 200X design,

    theblock - I keep seeing the scene in my head, where this knight descends upon skeleton army, riding his mechanical Sphings! It's awesome!
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    Hey all,
    I had a lot of fun putting together my design and am happy for it to be included amongst some wonderful art,

    Crusader, love the rendering attention to detail and the helmet! Really nice work

    Pyre: Wow I really dig that robot vibe man. Tech stuff is always more challenging to me. Sweet action as well.

    Zombihamma-AI : That is one beautiful drawing! Love the design (excellent mix of medieval and tech) and that controlled mark. One of, if not my favorite.

    Gbagok: really enjoy the clean stylized look of your line. You really increased the detail but overall kept a very "classic" look.
    BTW I didn't rip off your predator gun, I had the idea but wasn't sure if I had time to include it.

    Blastatak: Love your rendering (the multitude of marks really form a presence and keep bringing me back from painting to reality, very nice to look at. the intricacy of the design and the direction you took, staying close to the essence of the LaserLot idea, very satisfying.

    Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome during this contest. probably the character I was most interested in taking a stab at. Take Care

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patreek View Post
    Ayota that is awesome!!!! I love how you used the central tower motif more in his design as well as his hand projection... so cooL!
    Thanks you ! I'm really glad you like it!

    Quote Originally Posted by theblock View Post
    Okay here's mine, gave him a steed too, but haven't set on a name though . Anyway, obviously I'm channeling Kirby again, it already wasn't that difficult a stretch from the Atomic Knights meets OMAC, just no giant dalmatian doggy mount LOL! I actually had the idea of him being the good-guy equivalent of Blast-Attack, a suit of armor containing a conscience of pure energy who can explode much like,say, Captain Atom. And yes that staff he's holding can channel his energy and create weapon constructs such as a lance. Comments appreciated :hmgrin
    Dude! I love his Steed! Plus those Kirby crackle marks seem very appropriate! It's also cool how you think about the functioning of his powers and incorporate that into your design. I don't know if you want crit remarks, but I'd say draw the arm and hand first and then draw the shield around them.

    I really enjoy nods to the line and that makes me want this a s a figure! Good Work!

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    Alright folks!

    The deadline capped this redesign challenge submission tread off yesterday, and wth some awesome and unexpected submissions!!

    Thanks to all the artists who participated in challenge 103!

    Patreek, time to get the voting started!

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    a lot are very good but all show me ``Sir Laser Lot don't need a MOTU Redesign Challenge !!!
    --- MOTUC need now General Darius --- Darius as MOTUC Topic

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    I had a bunch of concerts to sing in this week so poll will go up Monday. Be on the look out :-)
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    so...poll...any idea when? I wanna know how badly I lose this one
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    It'll be up today for sure.

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