Hey guys and gals out there on the .org,

on the German forums website planeteternia.de, member Polygonus created a so-called "Clash of Styles" some time ago. I thought it would might be cool trying to start such a project here, too, so here I am.

The idea is to instantly contrast the different drawing styles of two users. One user challenges another, and the challenger starts the picture drawing his or her half of the artwork which means that he or she does the first step working on the first part of the artwork. This half mustn't take more space than half of the whole sheet because the second participant, the challenged one, has to complete the picture just the way he or she imagines it.

To send the first part of a picture to the challenged user, you can either put the sheet with your half of the drawing into an envelope and send it to the destined person, or (what's especially better in case of international clashs so that you don't need to send a picture overseas and pay lots of postage) you just send the destined person an e-mail containing the attached picture. I already took part at the "Clash of Styles" project on planeteternia.de forums several times, and the results were mostly quite surprising because of the individual interpretations of the challenged users. And it's thrilling to be challenged as you never know what you get! The fist part of the picture is a surprise, and the second, too, for it can give the whole artwork a totally different touch, leading your original imagination of the completed picture into an entirely different direction! In my view, that's the point making this project amazingly interesting!

To show you what I mean, here's an example - the first Clash of Styles picture drawn by German He-Fan and planeteternia.de member Polygonus, finished by one of the best artists ever - He-Man.org's "Bashasaurus" Emiliano Santalucia at last year's Grayskull Convention!

Polygonus' original drawing:

Emiliano's finished artwork:

By the way, the format of the sheets is A4 so that you can easier scan your pictures or completed artworks and print them if you want (or need to - if you received the pic by e-mail). Usually, the challenger scans his or her first part of the artwork after drawing it and then sends it to the person he or she has challenged. After receiving the sheet with the fist part of the artwork, the challenged user completes the picture and returns it to the challenger. The challenger, who is allowed to keep the finished artwork and become its owner, finally scans the finished artwork and posts it in the "Clash of Styles" thread.

I hope you understood the basic idea of this project so far. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
I hope we can run the Clash of Styles project together here on the .org! Let me know what you think.

For He-Man.org members who'd like to take a look at the German "Clash of Styles" thread on planeteternia.de, here's a link: