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Thread: A Couple of MOTU/POP Sketches...

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    A Couple of MOTU/POP Sketches...(Color Added!)

    Aside from collecting MOTUC, one of my main hobbies is drawing. It's been a while since I've illustrated anything but I recently felt the inspiration to draw some MOTU fanart!

    First are a couple of POP illustrations of Scorpia and Castaspella, heavily inspired by Shunya Yamashita's artwork...

    Next, a quick sketch of the Sorceresses...Filmation and 200X!

    Finally, a random comic scene that I came up with while I was sketching the old Slime Pit...Poor Glimmer!

    Well, I hope you like the artwork...Hopefully, I'll have some more soon!

    (Edit: New colored versions of Scorpia and Castaspella, courtesy of Ren-Ra, were added below!)
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    Very good stuff dude!

    Will you participate in the redesign challenge? I'd love to see your talent take a crack at sir laser lot.

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    They look great.

    Love your almost sexy Scorpia and Castaspella looks wicked, Galinda watch out!!!!!

    Keep ´em comin´ !

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    very nice! i like very much especially castaspella and the slime pit.

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    Awesome stuff, I agree with Pyre in that you should join the Sir Laser Lot redesign challenge (but then with only 3 entries so far I think we should have more)

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    nice suff! i really like your style.

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    Very nice!
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    Awesome pics I love them espescially the Sorceresses and Glimmer in the slime pit.
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    These are really fun pics! I especially like the Castaspella piece.

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    Nice style! Castaspella is the best, and I really like Filmation Sorceress portrait.
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    Thanks, guys, I'm glad you liked my latest artwork...It feels good to draw again! Hmm, a Sir Laser-Lot redesign? I just got his figure and, while he's not my favorite MOTUC character, it sounds like a nice challenge. I'll try to whip up something soon!

    Speaking of whipping up something nice, my friend, "Ren-Ra", just sent me these colored versions of my Scorpia and Castaspella sketches...They look amazing and a 1000x better, IMO!

    Big thanks and credit goes to my friend for the cool coloring, she's planning on joining the Org soon. Actually, my next art post will most likely be about a new MOTU character that she created and I designed!

    Thanks again for the good feedback!

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    Here are a couple of new MOTU illustrations, starting with Catra...

    Here's another work in progress, He-Man and Teela...

    Finally, a quick sketch of the Sorceress...

    I hope you like them!

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    Love that He-Man!

    And Casta is really cool!
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