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Thread: Princess of Power accessories for sale

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    Princess of Power accessories for sale

    I have these She-Ra accessories for sale, I accept paypal, and only shipping in the U.S.....for now. Prices do not include shipping. Please see my signature for feedback. Would be willing to trade for a set of unbroken Angella wings and I know this is a long shot but also for a Bubble Power She-Ra gold comb.

    Shields-- $3 each
    Catra shield--
    Mermista shield--
    Peekablue shield (X2) --*SOLD *
    Flutterina shield (X2) -- *Sold 1*

    Combs-- $2.50 each
    1st year lavender comb--*SOLD*
    Peekablue blue comb--*SOLD*
    Flutterina orange comb--
    Perfuma lime comb-- *SOLD*
    Sweet Bee yellow comb-- *SOLD*
    Entrapta purple comb--*SOLD*

    various accessories $1.50 each

    Glimmer lilac skirt (X2) ea. --
    Glimmer silver shoulder guards (X2)ea.-- *1 SOLD*
    Double Trouble green skirt--
    Castaspella yellow skirt--
    Scratchin' Sound Catra grey fur skirt--*SOLD*
    Sweet Bee yellow and black skirt and choker-- *SOLD*
    Entrapta gold collar-- *SOLD*
    Entrapta gold tiara with pink sequin-- *SOLD*
    Glimmer lilac rose staff with silver jewel (X2) ea. --*1 SOLD*

    Crystal castle plush purple rug--$3.00*SOLD*

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