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Thread: Forced perspective backdrops - WIP

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    Forced perspective backdrops - WIP

    I was in the shower thinking about how I take pictures, and I thought there got to be a better way to do my backdrops. I use a lot of force perspective on the floor sheets that I use and even made a small program to make any kind of floor sheet I want with forced perspective:

    Here's are some that I've done in the past:

    But a wanted to try something new, a full sheet forced perspective backdrop.

    So I spent all morning working on some new code to make full sheet forced perspective:

    Here's how it looks from a different angle:


    So now that my test bed is done I'm working on a full 3D view that is high res to print on poster paper for my MOTUC figures. If it works well you'll see my figures with these new backdrops.

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    That's pretty cool man.. Never seen anything like that before.
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    Very, very cool, He-bro!

    It's a nice, subtle effect, but it adds a lot to a display. I love it!
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    that's awesome!
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    Very cool. Love the idea!
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    so is this forced perspective like what the the guy uses that does the super awesome chalk drawings?

    i wish i had cool backdrops.
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    The principle of the chalk guy and He-Bro is differnt. He-Bro uses two dimensions, one very stretched and pulled upward. The chalk guy, i presume you mean the one who only paints on the ground, uses just the stretched perspektive and it only works in a specific angle. Like in the spoiler, a different angle reveals the strangeness of the image.

    But both methods are insane and extremely cool.
    Good work He-Bro

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    It's a great idea...
    I was also thinkin' about forced perspective background for my custom figure... but I didn't figure out how to made it...
    Do you have some advices?
    Thank you!
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