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Thread: The Red Knight masters of the universe classics

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    The Red Knight masters of the universe classics

    Hello my friends, Just to show you my latest custom: The Red Knight! This is the same figure I showed at Power-Con 2012 only this time, it has been repackaged as usual
    The red knight was on my to-do list from day one, he is just such an iconic character and the fact that we never got to know who he really was (Angella’s father maybe?) made it much more appealing to me. That and the fact that I love everything medieval hehe

    Well without further ado, here are the images and the video.

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    That is very cool. The different shades really stand out in the pics. Great work as always.

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    Impressive indeed!! Shows how amazing the use of one basic color (done in multiple tones and shades) can still really make the figure shine when the design is superb..unlike a certain boring and lackluster "blue laser knight" Great job HK!
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    would people still want red knight after having lasor lot?
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    Looks great!
    I love the differing shades of red. Wish Mattel did the same thing (with the blues) with Laser lot.

    But I think the eyes sit too high up the head, relative to the positioning of the ears.
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    Awesome! I love that guy...that is, ever since someone mentioned it as a possibility. No idea who he is, but I love 'em!
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    Brutal! Love this figure! Great work on the concept and execution.
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