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Thread: Any interest in seeing my custom metal MOTU miniatures?

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    Any interest in seeing my custom metal MOTU miniatures?

    Hey gang! My other interest besides MOTU is a game called Blood Bowl - a table top game that is basically monster football. I can totally see them playing it on Eternia! Anyway, the game is played with metal miniatures and I sometimes paint my own teams so I thought it would be awesome to have a MOTU team! I even remembered they made metal MOTU miniatures back in the 80s! Perfect!

    Well, not so perfect when the rarity and expense of those sets brought REALITY into this picture. So I decided I would customize metal (with some plastic additions) miniatures for each and every MOTU character, beginning with the vintage toyline. My criteria is this -

    1. I have to like the miniature.
    2. It has to share at least two main features with a MOTU character, or be made to with minimal modifications. This is because not only am I lazy but the more changes you make to a figiure, the more potential you have for complete failure. Keep it simple stupid! (Stupid would be me in this case!)

    And that's it! I have not painted/finished any bases yet (I'm thinking of unifying the team by making every base pale green Greyskull colors, with rubble around their feet, maybe some skulls) but so far I have finished figures for

    Beast Man (my first - the mini was so perfect for him it inspired me to try the rest - and I bought a second to make Moss Man out of!)
    Evil Lyn (yellow/blue and I bought a second to make the 200X colors)
    Trap Jaw (though still working on his jaw)
    Kobra Khan

    and have these others in various stages of completion

    Two Bad (90% done, not happy with his orange armor yet)
    Fisto (90% done, just need to add washes to his purple and metal areas)
    Whiplash (20% done, only been green washed so far)
    Rio Blast (figure only - two gun cowboy!, modded and primed)
    Mer-Man (big fish creature only, primed)
    Stratos (chose a birdman for him, lost the flying ape essence but want to see the colors on him, figure primed only)
    Moss Man (figure chosen, same as Beast Man, but uncleaned and unprimed)
    Tri-Klops (figure primed)

    and I did make Roboto out of a large Priavateer Press WarMech - he is twice as big as the others for you 200X fans out there! He';s done, just need to finish his base.

    Is there any interest in seeing these? I'm terrible at photos but will try if anyone is curious. Some of these are definitely different takes on these characters but I am limited by the models available. Though, I have begun to appreciate that because it has forced me to see them in a new light.

    Let me know and I'll either post pics or let this thread die. Also, if you have any suggestions for miniatures to use, I'm all ears! Or if you have any of the MOTU metal minis from the 80s for sale, let me know!
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