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Thread: 30TH Anniversary Commemorative DVD Collection coming in December!

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    Already locked to get this one!

    I've got a connection at MillCreek and I will definitely be picking this one up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    She-Ra already got a complete series re-release from a different company.
    Yeah. But that release is so...lame Nothing against stickers, but no extra what so ever? Ok, I had my vent, on with the 30th Anniversary discussion.

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    I'll definitely have to save my pennies. Gotta get this. Very cool. Ya it doesn't include everything, but it's still worth it imo.
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    I have the BCI discs, but I plan to pick this up for the extra stuff.
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    Easy pass for me. The cover art is a little blah. I agree with MernRa that the cover CG is weak. Like Angel T said no POP but they put NA episodes inside. Give me a break. I like the Filmation soundtrack but I won't pay $100 for it. Definitive no....a nice set if you don't have any of the episodes. But most of us already do so I'm not sure how these will sell.

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    They'll probably include She-ra in the She-ra 30th Anniversary.

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    Cool packaging and extras... but not sure it's worth getting it just for those...
    With that said, I'm thinking the Power-Con give-away might be a sword of Power originally intended for this set in a different color...
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    No street date outside of "December"? $100 SRP ain't bad - Amazon will probably have it for $60-$70 like the TMNT set.
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    The 20 fan favorite episodes of New Adventures? I don't recall a vote on that ever? And why not just the entire series? That would make a lot more sense. Oh well I am still getting it. The soundtrack alone will make it worth it.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    I am very interested in the pressed cd & bonus items with this set!
    As I already have the BCI collection, but don't think Mill Creek will be selling anything of the bonus items separate.
    Definitely a great deal for lobng time fans & especially new-comers.
    FYI: A lot of times Mill Creeks's "Best of 10" or "Best of 20" are just the 1st 10-20 episodes of the series in order (a few of there other "best of" sets are like this, & are not actually a best of by fan selection.)
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    Only 20 episodes of New Adventures? No POP? LAME!!

    This could have been the ultimate collection but instead it is a massive fail in my view. Seriously, why not package in all the NA episodes instead of skimping with just 20? I know some people hate NA (personally I love it), but for this to me the ULTIMATE collection it has to include them all. Same goes with POP. It needed to have them all. This is just another half thought out mediocre collection in my view.


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    The Grayskull-art on the box looks great in my opinion. Much better than 30th anniversary castle by Alvin Lee.

    Fantastic job Baena!

    Can't wait to see the final sculpted facade when Mill Creek is ready to show it. This place-holder artwork
    is great in the mean time.

    I have no idea if this is again one of those instances where She-Ra is being treated as different license from the company's eyes (as past DVD-releases have proven), and that being the reason why no POP in there.
    Very curious about the TOP20 episodes of New Adventures.

    Definitely picking this one up!

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    Think what is really missing is Secret of the Sword.

    Anxious for the NA episodes and the soundtrack, obviously the power sword. Haven't seen much of the NA show.

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    #1.) I thought in the product description that the box was going to have a new sculpted face on it...I thought it meant like fore real and not some pic...
    I really do hope that it is a place holder!

    #2.) Poor poor NA. Why just 1/3 and not all of them...what is that 2 more discs? I was wondering when the vote was too. I would have liked to have voted. Oh-well.

    I love She-Ra. But this is He-man's 30th not hers. Besides I'd want her to have her own & not share and the smae for He-Man. Why should they have to share.

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    I don't like the art and packaging and already have evrything on DVD.
    I guess I won't be buying it for a power sword repaint and an incomplete soundtrack
    Awesome sticker included!

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    She-ra is a separate licence to he-man

    Yes!! It better
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    Wow, I'm very impressed by this. I hope it gets an international release. I have all the Filmation episodes, but I never watched NA and we can't get the MYP cartoon on dvd over here, so this, for me, is going to be as good as it gets

    ...and hopefully She-Ra will get better treatment when it's her 30th. That is the only snag in this boxset for me.

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    Can't wait to see The Fans of MOTU documentary.

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    Okay fellow He-Fans, I'm not a computer-wiz: how can I order this? Do I have to wait 'til December? Hemp me out here: I need this one. Thank you, good journey.
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    This is really really cool looking but WOW it does carry a heavy price tag. I MIGHT 1 day get this if I can afford it it. I still have to get the She-ra set yet too.
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    While I agree that ideally She-Ra should have been included (IMO more deservingly so than NA.... they could have left NA out entirely and simply doing that would actually make this set more definitive IMO... though I do admit that it does seem odd that they didn't just include 4 more discs with the rest of the NA series since they were including it at all), She-Ra is considered a completely separate license and the DVDs of the show are currently being released by Classic Media while He-Man is being released by Mill Creek. The licenses are split between two different distributors (if I understand things correctly, Classic Media owns both overall properties, but I'm guessing that for all intensive purposes the DVD division of Classic Media is a separate entity from division that owns the Filmation properties outright and they in essence licensed She-Ra to their DVD division while licensing He-Man to Mill Creek).

    Still, it would be nice if She-Ra at least had some presence in this set. If nothing else it would have been nice if they could have "fudged" around the license issue and included SOTS and maybe the Christmas Special, especially since we haven't gotten an actual release of SOTS under Mill Creek or Classic Media so far.

    But at the same time, I'm kind of glad that this set doesn't include more than it already does in terms of DVDs that I already have. I already have the complete series of Filmation MOTU, and MYP MOTU a couple/few times over between the various BCI and Mill Creek releases (including multiple BCI purchases for MYP to get various exclusives, and various best of and volume/budget releases), and the complete NA series from BCI. The same goes with She-Ra between the BCI and Classic Media releases (all of the BCI season sets, the best of, the convention/ exclusive alternate packaging for the best of, the single disc SOTS, and the Classic Media Season 1 Part 1 and Complete Series releases).

    In all honesty I would almost be happy if they just included the top 20 episodes from the three series that are included and called it a day. While most people probably haven't gone as crazy collecting the various DVD releases as I have, between all of these releases its likely that most MOTU fans already have all of these series (or at least the ones that they want and care about most) on DVD in some form or another. This is essentially a repurchase to get the new packaging and extras. So anything that helps reduce the cost-to-redundant-purchase ratio is just fine in my book (i.e. the lack of She-Ra's inclusion).

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Wait, the math is not right. How is 130 + 65 + 39 189 episodes?
    The press release says that only 20 episodes of NA are included. Pay attention.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by JafariStew View Post
    FYI: A lot of times Mill Creeks's "Best of 10" or "Best of 20" are just the 1st 10-20 episodes of the series in order (a few of there other "best of" sets are like this, & are not actually a best of by fan selection.)
    Yeah, but I wonder if that's how they will handle NA. The reason those other "best of" releases are just the first 10-20 episodes is because they are literally the same discs from the larger season sets with different artwork on the disc and packaging. It's just a cheap repackaging of discs that they've already authored. Since to date Mill Creek hasn't released NA in any capacity prior to this upcoming set, it is at least a little more likely that it's not just the first 20 episodes in order.

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    this looks great to me i dont mind that there will not be much NA as im not a huge fan. would have loved she-ra to have been included.
    does anyone know if they will be on the fan documentary?

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    By the time they finally decide to release the entire soundtrack, the tapes will rot beyond any good use.
    If they haven't already...


    Should at very least include voiceless tracks...
    Brings doom to MOTUC with cel accuracy.

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    I was really considering this for the neat looking box, the Eternian gold sword and the soundtrack although I already own the entire Filmation MOTU series and the entire MYP, but since there is no POP and NA is incomplete I will probably pass....
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    i hope this is available in Canada somewhere..
    Download!! 25% goes to help the ORG!!!!!
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