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    WTFWTK 2.88 - Ask your questions here!

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    ***Important note: Mattel has limited the questions to 5 from each site who submits Q&As.

    Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


    This past round of questions were selected by Beastmaster.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

    1. Tundra Torque: Now that The Roadmap is gone, can you reveal some details of The Roadmap? For example, if Evilseed was slotted into The Roadmap, where would he have appeared?

    2. Scorpia: Between September 2009 and June 2010, we had a great run of female figures in monthly slots (Teela is September 2009, Adora in January 2010, Evil-Lyn in the April and She-Ra in June). This was an exciting time for a lot of fans! Without giving away names, is it possible we'll see a similar run of females in future monthly slots?

    3. Beastmaster: Is it possible to get a pair of Horde Prime hands in orange or blue for Cy-Chop in a future weapons pack? His hyper-anime-detail hands/weapons just don't do it for many fans.

    4. Fisto69: I was just wondering how Cy-Chop got his name. Was it a play on the word cyclops like Tri-Klops was, or does the Cy part stand for cyborg, or something else entirely?

    5. blogjammer: Is there a way that we can find out which figures are 'Gone for Good'? I got into the line late & have been purchasing re-issues & CS stock when available but it would be helpful to know which figures are completely gone, & which figures you still have CS stock of.


    So ask those questions!

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    Is there a time frame that you could give us as to the fate of 2014? Would a decision about if there would be a 2014 be made at the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, or closer to SDCC 2013? Based on this, when would you tell fans about MOTUC 2014?
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    If Dekker is getting his plastics changed to be molded correctly in the right color, surely can design step in, supercede the Horsemen as they have done before, and change the light-blue on Netossa's skirt and choker/cape to silver, and ensure the white is "white-white" PLEASE? Passive collectors don't care and it would do a lot to foster good-will to PoP fans who were underwhelmed with Frosta and Netossa's lack of mask. Throw them a bone here: it's paint! :-)
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    Is there still a chance of ever getting '87 movie figures other than Blade, Saurod and Gwildor? Now that subs are down and 2014 wil focus on fan favorites (if any), is Mattel still pursuing new properties?
    You said Mattel made WB an offer a few years back, which they refused. Again, does that mean that ship has sailed for good or is there still Hope Mattel might be able to do movie figs other than Blade, Saurod and Gwildor one day?

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    You have said repeatedly that subscription sales will drive this line. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the best course of action moving forward is to do as much as you can to please the subscribers so that they subscribe again the following year. Following this logic, why have you not taken advantage of your ready access to your subscribers for feedback by constructing official polls and/or questionnaires for subscribers only? This does not need to be limited to character selection polls in which the winner is made into a figure for a particular slot (e.g., the Geldor contest). Indeed, this is a powerful way to collect data in general to gain a better understanding of what sorts of things your subscribers want in the line. Ultimately you have a very passionate subscriber base that is willing to provide you with feedback. You have the numbers on voter turnout for the Geldor poll and I'm sure they are very impressive despite the technical problems many people experienced while attempting to vote. The data obtained from these polls/questionnaires can be infinitely more powerful than any unofficial poll or discussion thread on any fan forum because you know that every response is from a customer and you know exactly which customer it is from. Please take advantage of your subscribers' willingness to provide you with feedback so that we can avoid another rude awakening when subscriptions go on sale next year!

    For example, the first question can be the one you asked in a recent Q&A: "Let us know whom the most important characters are to you. Would you rather have Glimmer and Hydron or Tuskador and Spinnerella?" You will obtain a more robust answer using an official poll than by any other means. Don't waste this golden opportunity while you have the luxury of having it!
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    Many fans are worried that they won't get all the figures they want from POP, NA, 200X, Filmation, prototypes, and concepts if the line might go mainly vintage, with A/B-Listers from the other canons sprinkled in. With the DC property, you have been able to do DC Universe Classics, Green Lantern Classics, and now we have a new line of Watchmen figures coming. For 2012, instead of shoehorning brand new figures for the 30th anniversary, you did the right thing and introduced a sub line for the 30th Anniversary figures. My question is, instead of trying to shoehorn all the characters from across the MOTU spectrum into the MOTU Classics line, has there ever been any conversations of splitting the line up into 3 separate lines: MOTU Classics, POP Classics, and (NA) He-Man Classics? It almost seems like a good way off getting all the characters out , yet if allowing the fans to not have to subscribe to getting characters from a canon they don't care about. Plus, it does allow Matty Collector to sort of reboot the property and sell figures under this new dressing that would have probably come out under the MOTU classics umbrella. Just something to think about in 2015 and beyond if certain factions need completion, yet fans don't want to get bogged with unwanted figures.

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    Now that Dragon Blaster Skeletor is SOLD OUT would it be possible to scan and add the three new Mini Comics to the archives like the Vintage mini comics so everyone can read and enjoy them?

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    If the "Greyskull Experience" prooves successful, would you consider doing a Filmation mini-sub experience for 2014? Taking preorders could very well be a way to give some fans their favourite "secondary" characters (eg Melakhta, Celice etc) while keeping the "big shots" (Scorpia, Lizard Man...) for the traditional sub.
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    I'm not asking for stickers but has there ever been an official logo created for the 'Evil Warriors' as Skeletor boys (and girl) seem to be the only ones without

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    One of my biggest gripes with this line has always been how the final paint applications on a figure are less than what we see on the reveal demo figures. I get that there's an excuse of production costs, and that these demo figures are custom painted for their reveals only. But has the difference of paint applications ever been addressed and at least tried to have been worked out to include all colors? Horde Prime is the last example where there was a huge let down of little to no new accessories, negating any excuse that his production cost was especially high, and the majority of the figure having only one red paint color used for highlights while the rest was just the color of the unpainted plastic material itself. Did taking out the one other color from his reveal demo, grey, really make a huge difference in his production cost? Are fans gonna be disappointed again when, say, Ram Man is released and has no silver colored buttons on his boots, no dark red paint for the stitches in his jacket, and no darker silver color for the trim on his belt?
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    Octavia looks AMAZING. You get a lot of flack on these forums TG, so I'd like to thank you for giving her to us. I honestly can't imagine a brand manager who wasn't also a hardcore fan acknowledging Filmation, let alone Octavia. She could soon become my favourite figure of the whole line - absolutely stunning.

    My question is this: I'm a bit concerned about her tentacles. How is Mattel going to ensure the final figure doesn't topple over under the weight of her wide-spanning tentacles? And how do they fit underneath her hair, without pushing her head down so she's looking at the floor?
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    With the announcement of a Castle Grayskull presale, and admittedly not knowing all the details yet…is it possible to reveal if Mattel is considering payment installments rather than charging the entire amount all at once? I'd think more people would buy into it if this were the case. Mattel could just ship the castle out once the final payment is made.
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    With the announcement of a Castle Grayskull presale would management/TG consider including the Castle Grayskull robot/Astronaught with the playset? I realise the price would be a little higher but its a way to get out another sku instead of a monthly slot and another concept charatcer that i think fans would relate to more if included with the playset as opposed to being released in a monthly slot.
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    Amazing reveals at Power Con - and thank you for the Mattel presence there!!

    Upon closer inspection of the sample Netossa in the case at Power Con, it became obvious that her shin/calf pieces were reversed.

    Will this be fixed? Please don't allow the next POP character to be ruined by this factory mistake.
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    So initially we were told there was a big announcement at toy fair about something for 2013. Is that in addition to the Grayskull program or did you just rearrange your plans and announce it early?

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    Who is the 4 armed Screwdriver robot with hordaks face fighting against the horde in the first large battle pic in the third new minicomic.

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    Now the road map has been thrown away - presumably together with the delicate balancing act of high-tool vs parts-reuse figures - and 2014 (& 2015) will try to fit in as many vintage figures as possible, most of which require unique tooling, will Mattel reconsider its policy of re-issueing old figures repackaged with their alternate (200x inspired) head on display (i.e. MAA, Mer-Man, Whiplash)?

    This could be a way to make additional dollars off the old molds to help off-set cost of tooling new MOTUC figures. There are plenty of MOC collectors and completists who would snap these up. If you do a minor but canon-appropriate repaint (ie black face Grizzlor) the sales would go up further as loose collectors would also seek these figures.

    Will Mattel reconsider this option?
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    This line so far has been a celebration of MOTU for fans who have been enchanted with franchise since its inception in the early 80's. The figures have mostly been wonderful, but strong storytelling makes the line even richer. The bios and mini-comics so far for MOTUC have expanded the mythology in many interesting and pleasing ways, but I, and other fans, feel some boundaries were pushed too far with the death of many iconic characters in the service of "moving the story forward." I think focus can shift to different characters without throwing out the old, a mistake Hasbro learn the hard way with The Transformers: The Movie of 1986. A lot of fans have very strong attachments to these characters, and killing them off, especially so unceremoniously in certain cases, doesn’t resonate well with the feeling of celebration that MOTUC should represent. Would you and your creative team consider retconning or touching up some of these major character deaths in future bios or other outlets for the line’s fiction? For instance, many fans are not happy with how Duncan’s apparent death was handled. If he had to die, it could have been far more heroic, especially for such an iconic character in the franchise. It seems a slight to transform Duncan into an evil Snakeman and then never give him the chance to at least redeem himself or experience a more substantial amount of time being human again before his eventual passing.
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    With the remainder of the year being extremely heavy in cost is there any way that you can review this thought process so that in the future (or whatever one the line has left) it's not?

    And the theory of you've been informed ahead of time is cool, but that still doesn't support the thought process in releasing big ticket items during of all times of the year Christmas, let's say. Mind you I won't have a problem picking up a couple of Grans' in December, but for other collector's who do run into a rut you can see where this would potentially affect the success of this item's sale. Also a suggestion would also be if and when you release Battle Ram (maybe a month like April / May) you don't do it at the end of year!!!!
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    If and when Castle Grayskull is made and things have to be left out due to cost or whatever would a Castle Accessory pack be considered?

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    Could you please tell us more about the awesome Skull Blaster held by Skeletor in the third new minicomic?
    It would be a nice addition to Terror Claws Skeletor

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    How close of attention does Mattel pay to the polls on as far as character interest goes? Because I've seen some characters who were right at the top of interest polls not getting any announcements while characters lower in the polls get figure reveals.
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