Subscribtions... for one a blessing for others hell. For me it is hell, i cannot afford it, but i don't want every figure anyways. But i wanted is to help save the line and started something.
To get money for a subscription i offered the users in a german Masters Forum, that anybody who will donate a bit of money, will get a free Comic made of the old 80s german audioplays (and some extras only for those who donated). Many User liked that idea and i have now 114 people who want that book and so much money left over that i suggested to print that thing.
Only thing is now, which episode to do, we have 38 to choose from? Well, i started a poll for that and all the guys and gals that donated money will have the chance to throw in 5 titles. It ends this month, next month they will choose from the 5 most wanted episodes the ultimate one and then i will turn that audio play into a comic book.
Sounds strange? No, and it totally works, i already have done that, privately sadly, but it works and it is a lot of fun.

But enough talk, here are some images i did the past few weeks, to keep the candle burning and to find some more people to enter my little project.

Some might recall them from facebook, now you know what they are about.

These are the countdown images, there will be more, but these are posted so far:
The calender says "X days left until the preliminary poll"

The preliminary Poll just started, and ends this month or when all people have voted.

Here it says "Preliminary poll X days left"