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Thread: MotU ongoing story and characters?

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    MotU ongoing story and characters?

    Please help me out here. I'm seeing characters and reading people post about plots that I'm very unfamiliar with from the MotU. Where is this all coming from? Are there novels out there that I have no clue about? All I have ever known are the classic cartoons an the 2k cartoon network cartoons.

    I'm very interested in MotU fluff and stories. Please help me.
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    If you have examples of which characters and/or story-elements you are unfamiliar with, I'm sure some fan can help you out by pin-pointing where they originated from.

    MOTUC -bios creates a new story on its own, taking bits and pieces from the existing materials, putting them together in new ways to create one big story.

    Most of the material has been sourced from mini-comics and 2002 cartoon (but also inputting Powers of Grayskull, She-Ra and NA stories). Also they are using story-elements that 2002-cartoon creators had planned, but never could finish because the series ended. Most recent Sticker Faction "He-Ro Son of He-Man" is from a 1996 pitch by Lou Scheimer Productions (not Filmation) about He-Man's son Dare who becomes He-Ro (NOTHING to do with 1987 Mattel's He-Ro).

    You can read more about it here:

    Completely new characters from MOTUC would be for example Great Black Wizard, 30th Anniversary characters, Preternian Warriors in MOTUC mini-comic #2, etc.

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