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Thread: MOTU Classics Eternos Palace King Randor Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTU Classics Eternos Palace King Randor Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Hey guys!

    Here's the Filmation Randor review! Enjoy!

    Any more questions, just ask! Dekker is up next!
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    Can't wait! This is how he shoulda looked in the vintage days! Now I need to go get a whopper......

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    I just pray I can luck into snagging one of these figures on day of sale. As my sub doesnt kick in for the first time till January....
    Hopefully he wont sell out in under 5 mins or somethin...

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    Good better than I thought, but you didn't mention the lack of bicep cuts

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    For Filmation fans essential, but not my cup of tea...

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    cool review dan. I wonder how many people will add a cut to the skirt? its looks pliable enough that if you where to add a slit on the sides if would improve the movement greatly. still diggin that goldplate chalice its awesome looking I think they should have that in the next weapons pack so folks can kit out the Eternian royals for party time

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    Been looking forward to this figure for a long time who is, in my opinion, the best variant figure yet.
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    Hilarious! All in all it seems like he isn't good for much other than standing there. He'd look good on a throne, know, he can't sit. Also might look good drinking from the cup, know, no bicep swivel to get his hand over there. Sooo...fantastic standing-there figure! I'm sure I'll get a few jokes outta him, so he won't be completely useless.
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    I am an anti-variant collector, and I thought that I might actually like this one.....but two things prevent me from doing so:

    1. The crown color doesn't match Marlena's crown color. It just doesn't look right with two different colored crowns standing by one another

    2. The King can't SIT on his Throne. Yeah, so royalty must always stand. I know we don't have any thrones for these figures, but it would be nice for the King and Queen to be able to sit.

    So no extra one for me on sale day. Matty got me on the sub purchase, but that is it.
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    I can not wait for this fig. Thanks Dan, very cool review as always.

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    Thanks Dan.

    All hail the king.

    All hail Filmation.

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    A Damn Mitten....
    They could have slit his....skirt? Kilt? long shirt? so he could sit on either a throne or Battle Cat.

    They also could have given him Teela type bicep swivels very easily.

    I want him, he'll stay MOSC, but some very missed easily accomplished articulations there....
    I wonder if Terry (especially after the She-Ra 2.0 thing) would have done this correctly, the
    team under Ruben....did not....

    I know that he still wouldn't be able to sit without a second robe in a sitting posistion, I mean
    him sitting is not a huge deal....I don't have Marlena, but she is incapable of siting as well, and
    my Randor will be standing anyway in his package.
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    I've been waiting for this version of King Randor to finally be made, so glad Mattel bumped him forward. (I still want a Capt. Randor too!) I want to see if the skin tones match perfectly to make a head and forearm swap from the armored Randor to this one as I do prefer the gold color over the yellow. Still, an awesome variant!
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    Wow! The King suffers from quite a few problems.

    This is one figure that quite honestly I could live without. I think the vintage version is 100X's better. If Mattel wanted to do a Randor variant, I'd rather have a 200X w/knee brace variant AKA Ultimate Battleground version.

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    He is actually a lot better than I thought he would be. In fact, I kind of like him, but why would they not put slits in his skirt? The whole purpose for this Randor is to be able to have him sit on the throne, and the lack of slits makes that impossible.
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    To me this figure is very underwhelming, He has very few display options, and unlike so many other fans I got over Filmation as I grew up. This would have been an unwanted version as a child as he just wouldn't have had much playability. I would have also prefered the 200x Battle Armor version, which like most variants will now never appear. Not that I hate the figure just not one of the ones I'm super anticipated about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    He is actually a lot better than I thought he would be. In fact, I kind of like him, but why would they not put slits in his skirt? The whole purpose for this Randor is to be able to have him sit on the throne, and the lack of slits makes that impossible.
    Well, its not like Green-Burrito-wrap Marlena can actually do anything other than stand. I guess they were made for each other

    It's a pity. I hate that horrible Marlena dress. I keep wanting to give her an actual dress made of fabric. Then whenever I'm about to I look at the figure and the eyes scare me.
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    Said it before and I'll say it again... worst figure in the line. Complete waste of a Filmation slot. We could have got Strong Arm or Batros or Scorpia instead.

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    Thank you for the review!
    This Randor version is essential!
    However what about the Black Plastic MorboŽ?
    Thank you!
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    Great review. I'm not a fan of variants but I am looking forward to this one. He will replace the current Randor on my main shelf.
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    This figure seems to completely split the fan base - he either seems to be most wanted or not interested.

    Me? I prefer the original version we already have and would have preferred a 200X version to this one.

    This may be one I choose to sell.

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    I remember the cheer at the SDCC panel, this figure got a bigger cheer then Ram-man, crazy i know, i love the gold challis.
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    Excellent preview, Pixel Dan ! And it seems that Mattel was able to send the samples in time, which is very nice !

    Now, on to my opinion on Eternos Palace King Randor...

    All right. This is clearly another pass for me.

    I just can't believe Mattel STILL didn't get the fact that we want figures that are FULLY articulated and that are made with GOOD quality !

    First, there's that robe thing going on... Honestly, how hard was it to make a slit so Randor can have decent legs movements ? (Another "cool, huh ?" decision by Mattel design, no doubt. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me.)

    Then, the arm movements are limited.

    The only thing I find really great on this figure is the golden cup. I'm not ready to spend so much money just for a golden cup and a "standing there" figure.

    Finally, it seems like Mattel didn't even TRIED to make this figure appealing (other than the look of course, which is great) ! It is a VARIANT figure (= not necessary, except if you're a real fan of Filmation Randor). Eternos Palace King Randor would even be unable to sit on a throne !

    I must say I didn't really care for Randor in his royal attire, but I thought he looked cool and I COULD have bought him IF de'd been made properly. That was not the case, obviously...

    By the way, Dan, was there more black plastic used for Eternos Palace King Randor ?

    I don't even know a Batros or a Strong Arm is.
    Hurry and check them out on the Encyclopaedia characters page, then (cf. ) !

    Personally, I think Batros and Strongarm are awesome, and certainly way cooler than a "standing-there" variant Randor figure.
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    I like him, but I just cannot see how he is so much different than the existing "Classics" Randor than a Filmation Teela would be from the existing "Classics" Teela which is Scott's line on this.

    A Filmation Teela is the only Filmation variant I truly covet (and besides Madame Razz/Broom and Scorpia, the only Filmation-direct I truly desire). No one (even customizers) have ever gotten her head truly right. I don't even care so much about the body, I just want a real, honest to goodness Filmation Teela head like Adora's.

    I know they say "heads packs" are too macabre (which I believe I read was proven incorrect as Mattel has done other heads separately), so aside from that, the problem is that heads are a big cost of tooling a figure. I get that. That said, they would sell more existing figures since we need bodies for the heads, so as a last hope if that's the only way I ever get her, I hope somehow we get one before we go belly up.

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    King Randor looks great. Weather he functions great is another matter what with his articulation limitations. I can't wait to have him in my collection.

    I'm wondering if Mattel has thought about using his shoulders for a Filmation Count Marzo.
    I want my other half.

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