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Thread: PowerCon: - Official Discussion - New reveals added!

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    PowerCon: - Official Discussion - New reveals added!

    Helping me out with the updates is Replikor! Pictures by The Great Rebellion!

    Live updates from PowerCon:

    Pixel Dan's Twitter page:!/PixelDan

    Hunter Knight's recording of the Toy Customizers Panel on his YouTube Channel:

    Pixel Dan's YouTube Channel:

    The Fwoosh's live updates:

    The Great Rebellion will be posting picture updates Via the MOTUC portal:

    New Faction in Classics!


    The Secret Power Con Accessory Revealed!
    The Secret Power Con Accessory is: a "Classics" Keldor Dual-Blade Sword that does not separate.

    More Power-Con News:

    • Frosta’s arms are incorrect! Mattel is aware of this and will offer full refunds for subscription holders, but this is the only Frosta that they will make. They will do a free gift as an apology for subscription holders.

    • Temple of Darkness Sorceress is selling FAST! She might sell out and NOT hit Matty.

    • NYCC art show. Oct 10-24. At Toy Tokyo. 20 pieces of art. Some for sale. Free print for first 500. Proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald house.

    • No Battle Ram until the Wind Raider sells out.

    • Re-issue vintage Model kits? Not produced by Mattel. Not sure the molds still exist.

    • The Grayskull preorder minimum number is close to the number of the Club Eternia subscription minimum for 2013. So if everyone who bought a sub buys a castle, the preorder should go through.

    • Castle Grayskull will be available to order/preorder world wide.

    • Still no update on MiniMasters.

    • Mattel still doesn’t have the rights to the 1987 movie.

    Clamp Champ is coming...

    Thanks to JonWes for this tidbit and picture!

    Toyguru has posted this cryptic message on Matty:

    Biggest announcement ever

    Be there tomorrow at 11!
    Whatever could this "biggest announcement ever" be?

    From Pixel Dan:
    Big Announcement.....
    Castle Grayskull!!!!!!!

    Based on Mark Taylor's original! Yes!!
    Approx $200 for Grayskull. Not bad!
    Pre-orders start in Fall. If minimum is met, it'll be sculpted and delivered Fall 2013.
    Castle will NOT have electronics so it WILL ship internationally.
    Octavia's tentacles

    Just got home and saw the reveals, I am beyond excited!!! The prototypes look amazing and I can't even speak about CGS without squealing. My question/s is/are about Octavia and her tentacles.

    What will her tentacles be made out of? I'm assuming, given the trouble with Snout Spout, that foam is not an option.

    Will the tentacles be posable? Or will they be more like Slushhead's?

    Will the swords be removable or will they be attached?

    Thanks again for the amazing lineup and the reveals! My only regret is that I couldn't have been there to witness the unveiling first hand.

    The tentacles will be closer to Slushead. The swords are removeable.
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