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Thread: Would you subscribe to a 2015 sub under this model?

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    Would you subscribe to a 2015 sub under this model?

    Just for fun. A hypothetical.

    Monthly figures are $50 each but Snake Mountain is the exclusive.

    Snake Mountain would be on par with Grayskull and ship in December. Snake Mountain would be paid for at that point with the exception of shipping.
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    I said yes on the wish of hypothetically getting a snake mountain.
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    I thinking tying it to the sub comes with more problems then it would solve for people with multiple sub.

    I think the Hot Toys model of having a payment plan of 4-6 installments with a non refundable $25 deposit (that counts towards the total price) would be a better way to go.

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    I'd sign up for sure. I want Snake Mountain more than I wanted Castle Grayskull!!

    With that said, I don't think this would help sell subs and would be detrimental to the sub reaching the minimum. There are many fans who just barely afford the sub as is. Adding a $250-$300 item to the sub, even spread throughout the year, would be too much. It would also discourage lots of customers from purchasing multiple subs. People who buy 2 or more subs for extras, customizing or alternate display options, probably wouldn't want to have that many Snake Mountains.

    If it were an optional add-on to the sub, that might work out better.
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    Nope, this model doesn't work for me.

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    See, having Castle Grayskull as an optional $300 item at the end of the year gave people the power of choice. This sub model does not.

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    I do want a Snakemoutain, but not liking the 50 per figure model.
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    i said no based on model. Maybe it would be a good idea, and even be a great price point to boot. I'm terrible at math and a not going to figure it out. Heck, if they did it and I thought I could afford it I am sure I would sub.

    For whatever reason though it feels wrong.

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    Nope. I don't like the model. I want Snake Mountain but I'm not going to pay $50 for figures in which I may only want 40-60% of them.
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    I'm getting Deja Vu?

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    Good God, no! I'd be paying somewhere in the region of £60-£70 per figure under this sub model! Then the price of Snake Mountain plus DR's extortionate International Shipping rate? Just... no!

    Besides, if Mattel decided to do Snake Mountain it'd likely be that awful vintage design; I'd want a full-blown Filmation Snake Mountain if I'd be paying who-knows-how-much for one!
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