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Thread: Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Fall 2012 Edition

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    Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Fall 2012 Edition

    Time to cool off with the autumnal equinox! Here we go with the Fall 2012 Photo Page!

    ***To everyone:
    New pics only, please. No recycling of pics from previous Picture Pages***

    This thread will end and a new photo page will begin on the Winter Solstice on December 21.

    Tanya Tate as Adora

    Brian Dobson - voice of MYP Skeletor
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    I'm game. New pic of me, taken in Pittsburgh, at CMU. Also known as the 'set' of Dark Knight Rises.

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    One of Lisa's friends from Hawaii just opened up a Sushi/Tapas fusion place in Vegas. We've basically been living there...

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    I tend not to take pics of myself, but I made an exception when I completed my SGA costume recently... forgive the mock intensity

    Hey, if I can play with action figures I can play dress-up too!
    I survived the 2013 sub ordeal!
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    Just a basic self pic...about to hit 40y.o. but grew up with the best 'toons and toylines ever.
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    And now my most recent creation, the most egnimatic and camera-shunning Cobra saboteur around: Firefly! I tried to stay as close to the 80's toy version as possible with his submachine gun and radio accessory.

    I even included a gun with skeletal stock like the toy (well, as much as I could find like the toy):

    A pose to show off my bandoliers with pineapple grenades. Man, those things are heavy!

    Is that a camera in your hands?! And what's with all the light out here?! Damn sun! I'll blow you up good!

    Oh, okay. You're a fan. How about I show you my gun? And then there's submachine one I got in my hand, too!

    A close up of my Cobra insignia and a look that could kill...if I didn't have my mask on.

    Now I have to think of some sort of deviltry. Possibly how to tap my neighbor's satellite signal for the Terrordrome and Cobra Commander. He does love his Food Network...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeologyMule View Post
    I'm going to be honest and say I really don't care what you look like in this picture

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