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Thread: Future Playsets! (Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Crystal Castle, Slime Pit, etc.)

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    I think a Slime Pit will be doable, its medium sized and because we didn't "knock it out of the park" like last year its probably the most we can expect from the extra 15% - at a push a 6 month sub as well.

    I never had the vintage Slim Pit, so a new one would rock!
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    Ever since i saw the comic ive wanted a slime pit he-man, a slime pit would be cool but think we will see slime pit he-man before a slime pit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockinHard View Post
    Scott said that the current 2014 Holiday item is one that everyone will want - and it costs $35.
    I just hope it's not this:


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    Really hope we get new great playsets at least snake mountain and fright zone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderkill View Post
    I just hope it's not this:

    heman-santa2.jpg don't like He-Manta Claus?
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    I know Snake Mountain is the most likely candidate for a playset after Castle Grayskull, but I want to throw my support behind Crystal Castle and Starship Eternia. I'm a bigger POP fan than MOTU, and I love the Starship Eternia design even if I'm not the biggest NA fan. I guess it counts more as a giant vehicle than a playset, but it would be very cool to get one in Classics.

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    If they make it, I'm buying it.

    Snake Mountain is a MUST if we get another set. Crystal Castle would be terrific, too!
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    Masters of the Universe Classics Crystal Castle Playset!

    Hopefully soon its time for the most magical place on Etheria, the Crystal Castle home of Adora full of fantasies for She-Ra and her Friends!2014-03-22 16_10_31 masters of the universe classics.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by she-manmasters View Post
    Hopefully soon its time for the most magical place on Etheria, the Crystal Castle home of Adora full of fantasies for She-Ra and her Friends!2014-03-22 16_10_31 masters of the universe classics.jpg
    I know right? I'd love Snake Mountain, Eternia or The Fright Zone, but at this point, The Crystal Castle is right up there on the list! It's hard not to dream of a new Crystal Castle for the Great Rebellion and the Evil Horde to fight over right now. So many figures and nothing for them to fight over.

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    Realistically, Snake Mountain is the logical choice for the line's last big ticket item. Vehicles, beasts and dioramas I can do without. I want to see Mattel continue along its new roadmap even after the vintage line is complete, utilizing every single production sku to bring us as many top fan demanded figures as possible before the line ends. Mini comic originals and variants, Filmation originals (and yes variants also), new characters like Ra-Jar and Despara, DC's Goddess 2.0, original movie figures, figures based on the new live action movie once it's released, and convention exclusives beyond the end of Matty's MOTUC subscriptions. I would hate hate hate to see the line end without Skeletor getting his playset, in favor of some other playset like Fright Zone or Slime Pit, or a new vehicle or diorama. I just can't see Mattel producing an affordable, appropriately sized Eternia playset, as much as I'd love to get one. The vintage set is already taller than Classics Castle Grayskull!

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