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Thread: Mattel: Frosta's arms incorrect. Sub holders get a free gift apology item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecue17 View Post
    Have the Ghostbusters fans ever got there free gift yet from having all the subs canceled?

    I know that gift was promised quite some time ago.
    Nope, not yet. It keeps getting delayed. Hopefully it'll be here by Christmas.

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    Any post pics or a FAQ on fixing her arms?

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    HunterKnightCustoms made a video on swapping her forearms at the elbow. Look it up on youtube.
    Personally, it's a LOT EASIER to swap the biceps connected to the forearms and then swap the hands. Heat up, pop out, swap, pop back in!
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    Just got this e-mail from Matty

    As the year comes to a close, we wanted to say “thank you” for being a loyal Club Eternia® subscriber in 2012. It's been a great year with incredible highs (Fisto™, Rattlor™ - two vintage figures that surpassed even our expectations) the occasional minor misstep (Frosta's gloves), and more incredible highs (Griffin, a 200X beast, and Shadow Weaver - our first Filmation figure!).

    So, to make sure you know how much we value your business and as promised at Power Con in noting the issue with Frosta's gloves, we're sending you a FREE gift… a basic Masters of the Universe® Classics figure will be included with your December subscription shipment! You won't know which one you're getting until it arrives and because it's our gift to you, shipping for this freebie figure is 100% paid by Mattel. While we originally thought this gift might not come until late next year, we wanted to end 2012 with a bang and make sure you get your free gift before the year is up!

    Looking ahead, 2013 promises to be even more powerful! We'll start out the year with Ram Man® and Netossa™, then get ready for the arrival of the first Castle Grayskull® playset in 30 years.

    Again, thank you for being a part of our MOTUC family. We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

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    "Basic figure" could mean a lot of things. I wonder if it is an unpackaged existing figure in a baggie with no weapons or a basic male buck. Maybe this will become the "Wonderbread He-Man" of this line...
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    Interesting. I assume this will be used to clear out the leftover stock sitting in the DR warehouse. When those run out they'll probably use some of the "evergreen" figures. I wonder what figures from this year are still sitting around? Frostas, Dekkers, and Randors are my guess

    Also I wonder how long before people start speculating that it's an unreleased never-before-seen figure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookie View Post
    "Basic figure" could mean a lot of things. I wonder if it is an unpackaged existing figure in a baggie with no weapons or a basic male buck. Maybe this will become the "Wonderbread He-Man" of this line...
    "Basic figure" means the standard monthly/quarterly type of figure, as opposed to the beast slots and such. It would actually take time and likely money to take the figures out of th epackage and bag them, so we're likely just getting unsold stock they want to unload to reduce whatever storage fees they are paying.
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    I got my daughter a Frosta for Christmas. I'm a total non-customizer. The only other time I have ever tried to modify a figure was when my TRU 2 pack Stratos came with reversed legs. But last night I took it upon myself to swap my daughter's Frosta's forearms. It wasn't too hard. Just a hairdryer and a little elbow grease and voila! Correct-arms Frosta. This is definitely a lot less of a big deal than the Roboto or Hsss shoulders, which I won't even attempt to swap. Still, I'm glad to have gotten a free Mer-Man out of it.

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