These are the figs I have for sale. I accept Paypal as a gift or add 4% if sent otherwise. I also will entertain trades, I need she-ra items such as Peekablues comb, 2 gray catra combs, sagitar from na, I own mostly all the figures and playsets but if you have something I might like as a trade please pm me. as far as pricing goes. the figs with Ram Man area all $10 ea, the ones with Mekaneck are $10 ea, the buzz off set are $15 each, rio blast is 35, flying fists is 45, blast attack is 45, skeletor is 30 and he man is 50. dragon blaster skeletor is 25, gwildor is 10, sy klone bagged is 10, unbagged is 5, roton is 10, battle ram is 20, stridor is 15, land shark is 20, road ripper is 10, battle cat is 20. I think that covers it all. feel free to ask any questions, they are all complete except gwildor and flying fists is missing the shield. Crystal Castle is 100% complete and its $110. I can supply more pictures of anything your interested on and im opened to offers if you buy more than one item. Prices do not include shipping, I prefer to ship to USA only. Thanks for looking all