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Thread: WTT/WTS: Draego-Man

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    WTT/WTS: Draego-Man

    I have 2 Draego-Man figures, that I'm looking to sell or trade. Both in (unopened) Mailer Boxes, MOC.

    Wants: 2 Stinkors. Also looking for 2 Slush Heads, but I don't think an Even 1-1 trade on Slush Head to Draego Man is fair (accounting for what I see on this site, plus other marketplaces). I would take a paypal + figure deal. If loose, we can discuss (would still like at least one MOC of each). PM me to discuss further. Thanks very much!
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    PM Sent regarding draegomen

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    PM sent about 1 of the Draego Man figs.
    Take it easy,

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