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Thread: MOTU Loose Eternia Parts For Sale

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    MOTU Loose Eternia Parts For Sale

    MOTU Loose Eternia Parts

    Prices include shipping. PM if interested or if you have questions. Sale exclusive to inner 48 U.S. states. Paypal “gift” payments accepted (please remember to mark your payment as “gift” so as to avoid Paypal fees).

    See attached image. With each purchase, I’ll include a free loose complete vintage figure of my choosing:

    *PLEASE NOTE: for purchaser of the central tower- one hinge on the lion’s lower jaw is broken, but it could be repaired with a dowel. Also, the command console seat holder (gold ring) is missing, but I’ll include a metal clasp which allows the command console seat to be suspended).

    **A few of the original stickers have been repaired/ replaced with reproduction stickers.

    Viper Tower- $75
    (includes tower, gold viper collar, 4 repro/ replacement chains, red viper, 4 monorail support snake arms)

    Grayskull Tower- $75
    (includes prison gate, prison ball/chain, 4 brown monorail support arms)

    Central Tower- $150
    (Base, Mid-section, top section)
    (includes gold gargoyles, lion arms, drawbridge, arm control mechanism, lion’s head,
    ground floor, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors, 5 monorail support arms, upper & lower command console chair, computer console, silver lion’s mouth wrench, elevator shaft & elevator, lion’s lower jaw*)

    Power Module with Power Module laser (working condition)- $15 *SOLD*

    Flag Poles (x3, with reproduction flag stickers & gold support flag clips x3)- $15 *SOLD*

    Sky Cage- $15 (has a small stress mark on one of the cage bars & light play scuffs)

    Battle Tram (no windshield) with laser attachment- $15 *SOLD*

    Jet Pack Fighter/zipper- $12

    Snake Mountain bridge- $12

    Castle Grayskull bridge- $12

    Weapon Rack, Weapons- $25 *SOLD*
    (complete set of weapons include manta ray, grappling hooks x5, gold crossbow, silver rocket launcher, silver crossbow, gold slingshot, silver sword/gun, gold arrow launcher, gold goat head ladder)

    Laser Blaster w/ base (no windshield)- $15

    Complete reproduction monorail track set- $100
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