View Poll Results: Which accessories would you like to see offered in 2016?

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  • Filmation Hordak head (and collar)

    68 63.55%
  • Zodak helmetless head 2.0

    5 4.67%
  • Snake Mekaneck head and neck

    24 22.43%
  • Vintage Faker head

    22 20.56%
  • Frosta 2.0 head

    41 38.32%
  • NA He-Slave's sword and armor

    15 14.02%
  • She-Ra's sword-to-shield (Filmation)

    53 49.53%
  • Blade's swords (fully painted)

    38 35.51%
  • Mini Comic Power Sword

    35 32.71%
  • Horn of Evil (Filmation)

    45 42.06%
  • Sticker sheet of pages for Eldor's book

    28 26.17%
  • Masks of Power

    42 39.25%
  • Castle Grayskull's shields ("He-Man and the Sword of Power" mini comic)

    36 33.64%
  • Disks of Knowledge (Filmation)

    25 23.36%
  • Ninjor's nunchuck with real chain

    31 28.97%
  • More Imp forms (Filmation)

    47 43.93%
  • Evil-Lyn's short wand

    13 12.15%
  • Snake Armor He-Man's shield (200x)

    51 47.66%
  • Corodite Crystal (200x, Filmation)

    40 37.38%
  • Castle Grayskull's Magic Mirror

    64 59.81%
  • Mantenna's eyes (vintage toy colors)

    23 21.50%
  • Zodak's battle mace (MYP)

    21 19.63%
  • NA Thunder Punch He-Man's translucent green armor and shield

    11 10.28%
  • Netossa's head dress

    43 40.19%
  • She-Ra's swort-to-helmet head

    15 14.02%
  • Bucket and/or grappling hook ('87 movie)

    20 18.69%
  • Vintage-styled Wundar head

    15 14.02%
  • Spikor's hammer attachment

    29 27.10%
  • Teela's Filmation head

    44 41.12%
  • Huntara's hooded head (Filmation)

    37 34.58%
  • Teela's sword and shield (Filmation)

    41 38.32%
  • Meteorb

    25 23.36%
  • He-Ro's black sword (prototype)

    21 19.63%
  • NA He-Man's sword and shield (Jetlag)

    17 15.89%
  • Medallion of Serpos

    37 34.58%
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Thread: Which of these accessories do you want to see in 2016? (Batch A)

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    Which accessories would you like to see in Classics?

    Which of the accessories listed would you like to see Mattel offer in a Classics-styled toy line in 2015 or in any potential 2016 Classics-styled line?
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    A FILMation Hordak head is sorely needed.

    I also would love to see Mantenna's vintage eyes. The fact that his MOTUC figure doesn't have them is the only thing that stops his figure from being perfect to me.

    I'm also a big supporter of the Meteorbs, bring them on!!
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    Filmation head for Failmation Hordak obviously.
    Blades swords painted
    Horn of Evil
    Spikors hammer
    Teelas sword.

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    Left out the filmation Teela stuff as she deserves a filmation figure, rather than an add on

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    She Ra's Sword to Sheild has been a long awaited beloved want of mine.

    Also I would love the magic mirror from Filmation for Grayskull. I'd want those old 80's type holographic stickers for the mirror part, with red & black. Would be so like the toon, so sweet.

    Also a Wundar head that is like the vintage head comming with Oo Lar would be great actually. I just may want to paint the head I'm getting's hair and use it for exactly that. I cannot believe I hadnt already thought of that myself. I'd rather get another than paint the one I'll have, but so it goes. Great idea.

    Finally yes I would like a toy version paint way of Mantenna's eyes. Since I plan to eventually get a second Mantenna so I can have yellow eyes with the Kevin Kosse mouth (if I can score one) on my Horde of POP shelf then I can have monster mouth with toy eyes on the normal Horde Shelf. Since I'll have two already I can just pain the eyes myself. It would be easy. However getting official ones would be cool.

    I'll probably just end up painting the eyes myself.

    The onlything missing as far as Im concerned really is a Sword of power style MOTUC sword but with she ra's gem in it so that he man & she ra's swords match. I still am trying to find a loose sword of protection to make my own. I wish they'd make it already. Instead we got a filmation sword with Flogg. Gah had I been able to get it the other way.

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    My vote goes to Blade's swords and Meteorbs.
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    Here's what I voted for.

    Mini Comic Power Sword
    Horn of Evil (Filmation)
    Masks of Power
    Castle Grayskull's shields ("He-Man and the Sword of Power" mini comic)
    Disks of Knowledge (Filmation)
    Snake Armor He-Man's shield (200x)
    Corodite Crystal (200x, Filmation)
    Zodak's battle mace (MYP)
    Netossa's head dress
    Teela's sword and shield (Filmation)
    Medallion of Serpos

    Evil-Lyn's short wand - didn't we already get this with her first figure? There were long and short staff pieces for her crystal ball.
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