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Thread: Snake Mekaneck-Do you want him in MOTUC?

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    No interest at all.
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    No interest in him or any varient untill after 2014 & 2015 finish up the hall stars first
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    I Am agreeing with the majority of opinions on this one old cyber neck as a snake man just doesn't interest me all that much, same for man at arms honestly but I still have the figure. So if they release it it'll probably end up in my collection though I won't be exactly thrilled about it.

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    Sure, why not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by H.A.L.9000 View Post
    NO NO 100000000000000000 time NO!
    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Snake Mek and Teela are big yesses from me too!
    Everyone forgets that chief carnivious is also a candidate for being changed back to snake form as well

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    Since most of his body is covered up, they could just issue a snake neck and transformed face as a pack-in with another figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tamusk View Post
    Since most of his body is covered up, they could just issue a snake neck and transformed face as a pack-in with another figure.
    Which defeats the reasons to have Snake Mekaneck in the first place

    -The More Mechanical armored body as seen with SMAA gives you display options.
    -A Mekaneck that has no "blastic" arms and legs.
    -Then there's the Snake Parts. It makes no sense to have a Snake Head with Human hands. That's why we need a Mekaneck with gloves (the 200X look gives us that)

    Now I'm not saying that he is NEEDED RIGHT NOW!! But IF he's going to be made he needs to be made right, like SMAA.
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    No interest.

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    Heroic Warrior Oo-Larr's Avatar
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    No thanks. I didn`t keep Snake MAA, so I certainly don`t need a Snake Mekaneck. I don`t like the whole idea of turning them into Snake Men.
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    My Snake MAA is my 200x version. With the extra bits he looks awesome. I want the Mekaneck to use the Trap Jaw parts and would look great as a 200x version

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    I would like to see his head and neck packed in with a different figure.

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    I usually don't like variants, unless they have some narrative purpose (like SA He-Man).

    I do like how Mek's neck ends up so bendy and snake-like, and I think the new head and neck would look great. I don't know if a complete figure release is necessary though. If he was released that way, then definitely do him in the same way as SMAA, so he can be 200x-ified.

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