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Thread: Flying Fists He-man Variant or BOOTLEG? would love some help identifing this figure

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    Flying Fists He-man Variant or BOOTLEG? would love some help identifing this figure

    Hi All

    I just recently picked this Flying fists He-man up at one of my local thrift stores, and something about it just looks off to me.
    I have taken some photos of it next to my own flying fists, and I did pick up on some differences. Here is what I can see,

    The New figures has no COO, not even under the head where they like to hide it
    The H on the chest is slightly larger, and the peg holes at the back are a different shape.
    There is an overall quality difference in paint and chrome application, and the arm joints actually seem different.
    The figure also rotates 360 degrees at the waist where my own only goes 180.
    The Weapons are different also, no markings, or COO, inferior paint and chrome, the shield is actually smaller and has no raised dots. ON the inside of the spinning mace there is no paint on the reverse unlike the original.
    The head is solid and is a different face to my own figure, I like to be detailed so there are most of the difference I can see.
    My MOTU knowledge is basic but growing everyday so would anybody be able to help identify whether it is a different version from another country or is it a bootleg all together.
    Thanks in advance, I actually have a battle armor Skeletor I need help with also, so i look forward to hearing from someone
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    It does look different. Check the bottom of the feet. It should have some sort of number/letter combination.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    Hi So after reading your post I checked the feet my original Mattel piece has 3035H on the bottom of his right foot, the other figure has nothing, and not the kind of nothing that comes form wear and tear, but zippo, no depression and the paint is lighter in color and no signs of any number stamps at all. I am almost convinced this is a Bootleg, its hard to tell in the photos but the legs have different markings. The bootleg has two small circles on the inside of each thigh and on the top of the thigh there are markings from where the molds joins. The hinge joints are also different. Also left arm is not painted red at the cuff unlike the original Mattel FF. If this is indeed a bootleg, I would love to find out it's COO and if anyone has seen one similiar
    Thanks Matt

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    I have simmilar question about recent addition to my collection.
    Here I compared 3 figures and I marked them A, B, C on the pictures so that it is easier to tell on which figure we talking about.
    Markings on the bottom of the right foot are;
    A- shallow impression: 3405H
    B- smaller letter/numbers and very shallow impression, very hard to see: 3577H
    C –very deep impression: 3435H
    I have question about figure/version/variant which is the one marked "C" on these pictures.
    Does someone know where it is produced? Are all 3 of these figures made in Hong Kong?

    It has UNIQUE SHAPE/sculpt of black part of the spinning three-headed mace, different from those of standard Hong Kong and Spain variants (I've checked photos of MOC figures marked China and Spain on the back of the card and they all have the weapons same shape as those marked "A" on thiese pictures.
    I also checked some Mattel publications and their photos also showing weapons (spinning three-headed mace) as the one I marked "A".
    See the green lines which are pointing out the differences at one of the smaller pictures.

    What is that one I marked with "C" ????
    I bought that figure a few days ago, complete, perfect in MINT condition...and after two days I saw that mace is different.
    No country marks, just "Mattel. inc. 1985" as in all other Hong Kong and Spain Flying Fists He-Man figure.

    Thanks in advance!

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    How many number variations are there on the bottom of flying fist he mans boots? and why is this figure labeled on bottom as it seems others are not?

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