I have been painting successfully about 10 years ago with Citadel miniature quite frequently, but acrylics ("Reeves" acrylics in this case) are new to me. However this weekend I finally decided to go from words to action, and actually use acrylic paints and brush and try to make Alcala Skeletor head more yellow. I felt painting it white first would not be needed, as I was not doing anything radical and I planned to leave the green on the edges. So I went right on with yellow. I watered it down to avoid brush marks showing on the paint (watched Intern Rick's video about it), but it ended up being rather uneven and not too smooth looking. I could see brush strokes at some points, but I do not think I could water it more.

Good news is that with toothbrush and some Fairy (for hand washing dishes), you can get all the paint off, so no disaster there.

I presume there is not much more to this than trying to get the paint thickness correct? I am a bit hesitant of doing full primer as getting all off on failure would be a pain, plus I do not want to colour the hood or the edges. Or is the primer required for acrylics to stick with any good results? If the surface isn't smooth, it just steps out too much as a custom paint to me.

I know there are very experienced figure painters here, so I decided it is wisdom to check!