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Thread: Having a girl in November and looking for some cool She-Ra items, whats available.

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    Having a girl in November and looking for some cool She-Ra items, whats available.

    Well I'm so excited to have a girl. My son is three and he is started to get into He-Man. I have like 3 She-Ra items. But did they make all sorts of merch like they did for MOTU. If so what type of stuff is out there. I'd like to get some stuff for her room. So if anyone has ideas or pics of there personal stuff. That would be a nice lead for me. I'm not asking for anyone to sell me anything here just asking what's out there. I checked eBay and they basically had the figures. Or if someone can point me in the right direction of findi g some cool POP merch that would be great thanks.
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    If you're creative with sewing and all that, you can make a lot of things. Like a Loo-kee plush or a Swift Wind rocking horse.

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    pillowcases 001.jpgpillowcases 002.jpg

    Here are the pictures I promised. There's a pair of them, exactly the same.

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    Matty Collector still has the She-Ra and Swift Wind figures for sell. You can save them till your child's older, or display them in a clear plastic case (I'm assuming your girl's very young, so I'm thinking safety)

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