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Incorrect. We were never told that the 2013 sub was not locked in. The only way it wasn't "locked in" would have been due to no sales. The 2014 sub has not been locked in yet.
Again, we don't know that for certain. We know how long we've been told is takes to get things rolling on any of Mattel's lines, so it is very possible they have at least decided on how many figures we're getting. They have all the sub numbers they are going to have, so what else do they need for the decision to be made?

My guess is that we won't be told simply so the prospect of 2014 can be used as another caveman's club until SDCC. I can see the pleas coming from TG and Matty already, saying that selling more Granamyr's and Grayskulls will help convince Mattel's high muck-mucks to put more SKU's in 2014, even though that may already be decided. Also, if the choice has been made to cut back to only 6 figures, that might actually have bad impact on sales of the above; Mattel might think folks would see that as the line ending and might be less prone to buy big ticket items items in a dying line (though I think both items will sell about the same, regardless of what Mattel reveals).