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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread October 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for October 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    Toyguru MOTUC Mini-Comic Q&A Thread 2012 (SPOILERS)
    NEW STUFF!!!

    MOTUC tiered stands

    I saw the review for the WWE tiered stands on the internet and I think, this could be very nice for MOTUC figures.
    Will the MOTUC stands work like the WWE stands/ability to stack them? Will they have some pegs to hold the figure better?

    Ideally yes. The early prototype was previewed on Sunday at NYCC but it is still under development!
    Director's Commentary

    I was wondering if there are any more of your Director's Commentary's coming up? I rather enjoyed them and have been waiting for the next one to get posted.

    Yeah. Power Con and NYCC put me behind. Hoping to catch up in November.
    NA Adam?

    Now we're getting NA he-man, does this increase the chances to get NA Adam? Or are the chances of getting him next to nil with the line "trimming down" in 2014?

    NA He-Man's bio should shed some light on this!
    He-man sold out!!!! is Heman 3.0 soon to come?

    Toyguru, you've been dropping lots of hints to fans that if we wish to see any new variation for a proposed he-man 3.0, then we need to finish buying all the remaining stock on the store. unless i'm reading it wrong, he-man is listed as sold out!!!! can we finally combine the new NA he-man's ball jointed wrist you revealed at NYCC with the good old classic he-man and any other slight changes like the new updated boots? and maybe even any other slight tweeks the 4 horsemen wished to do?

    We actually still have a ton of He-Man. We just need to move more stock over to Digital River. This should be done any day now.

    And to manage expectations, just because if and when we do sell out of orignal He-Man it doesn't just green light a 2.0 or 3.0. We will likly have very limited slots in 2014 due to the low sell in of the 2013 line. Dedicating a slot to a new He-Man with new arm articulation or a new head or something will take away a slot from an all new character like a POP Great Rebelllion fig, or a Snake Man or a missing MIA Master figure like Extendar or Rokkon or something.

    So honestly, a new version of He-Man (outside of a legit variant like NA or Thunderpunch) is extremely unlikkley, even if and when we sell out of the current stock (which there is still plenty of).
    He-Man on Facebook

    He-Man's fb page has nearly 300,000 followers. It would be great if it posted a link to the Castle Grayskull sale

    We have asked them to do so.

    Please update it soon.....

    We will update it as often as possible.
    CG and Point Dread

    We are in a very early production state for Castle Grayskull. But when you go into design, will you make sure that IF AND WHEN you get to a possible Talon Fighter/ Point Dread in the Classics line, that it will fit onto the top of the castle just like the vintage one did and it is shown in the mini-comic?

    Point Dread would be one of the few vehicles with higher demand, because when CG has come out, "pimping" it with Point Dread would be very attractive for collectors. Also the Talon Fighter pilot would have his vehicle.

    Then you also told us, the Wind Raider will fit onto the top of the castle. Will it be at the same spot Point Dread would be or maybe on the left side, so we could add a future Point Dread without both vehicles colliding?

    So, to make the question short: Will you take into consideration to make the castle compatible with a possible Point Dread, without colliding with the Wind Raider?

    Thanks for this great toyline!

    Yes, we will design the Castle so that if we ever could get to a Point Dread it would fit on top like the vintage set. But no plans for a PD or Talon fighter at this time.
    Castle Grayskull Key

    In designing and finally giving us a Classics Castle Grayskull, will any consideration be given to ScareGlow's Key? Will it open the main door? the side door? the secret passage to the battle ledge? or possibly some other hidden doorway? or have you guys just decided to disregard it?

    We are looking into this. Nothing to confirm now.

    In the Vintage Line, we had one Skeletor for Every He-Man.

    Indeed we have a Hordak for every She-Ra. It is amazing put one together the other. In the Classics Line, we have the "Preternia Disguise He-Man" and we will have the "King He-Man". We have not any Skeletor to match them.

    Please, could you find a way to solve this ????.
    Thank you for keep the line alive.

    A cool idea but there is no way to guarantee their will be a 100% equal ratio of He-Man variants to Skeletor variants. Only time will tell!
    NA He-Man and the debate regarding 2nd head/armor.

    Since NA He-Man is a reuse of Bow, there's no reason for the "it's already expensive" jive. He needs a second, helmeted head and the full upper body armor, period. If anything, eliminate the sword sheath to allow for these accessories.

    We are looking into adding the "Dare" armor and helmet. Nothing to confirm yet. Stay tuned.
    Question about NA Skeletor

    Presuming you guys are able to get around to doing an NA Skeletor, I was just wondering your personal opinion TG on a question I have regarding his release. We all know there was the two wildly distinct versions of NA skeletor released, one in the purple cape etc, and the other in his Skull armor. Would this mean there will be two distinct NA skeletor figures or just one inwhich elements of both distinct designs were combined?

    My personal suggestion for you and the 4H: Don't bother doing the purple cape original version as will turn out far too similar to Laser Skeletor when "classicized" since their designs are nearly the same when you compare them. Instead focus on skull armor v2 NA skeletor and save the other look for laser skeletor down the road.

    Thanks man, for everything you do for us!

    Cool suggestions but no plans at this time for a NA Skeletor. But perosnally I do hope we can get to him in time!
    200x belts for Jitsu and Clamp Champ

    Are we still in time to get the related 200x figure for Jitsu and Clamp Champ?
    Just like Fisto one. We got to spend 25 buck for fig, we got to take black plastic figure which paint is chippin quickly but please let at least the accessories be available.

    Nope. Both Jitsu and CC are final.
    More POP in 2013?

    Can we hope to get more POP/Great rebelion members in 2013?
    No need to say who or how much... Just yes or no.

    Yes, I can confirm more POP in 2013 just as I said months ago.
    Advertising for Castle Grayskull

    Are there any plans to advertise for Castle Grayskull other than to post on Mattycollector, Mattycollector's Facebook page, and Mattycollector's YouTube channel?

    Alas, we put all our resources into the toys and can't afford TV advertising or other types for a line this small.
    Spell of Separation and Skeletor

    The Spell of Separation separated the snakemen due to their hybrid nature. Why it did not have an effect on Skeletor? (Hybrid nature due to being half gar, half whatever Demo-Man is)

    Skeletor was born half Gar/half "human", The Snake Men were genetically engineered.

    So are the strange workings of Magic! (see Trap Jaw's mini comic)
    Grayskull Question, after hitting goal.

    In a previous question, I had asked if the Castle Grayskull robot; that is absent from the castle's B-sheet; would be a figure of its own in the MOTUC line later, an I know you said not.

    But if it is only possible after getting alot more sales above the minimum goal... now IF mind you... IFit is possible to get it added in...
    Could you give us a "rough" idea of a target % "above" the minimum goal to reach for to get this figure added in as well?

    I ask as alot of us really would like this included for the MOTUC Grayskull, just to complete the castle.

    Even with the bare min it may still be possible to include this. It definately won't be a figure, but we are still heavily looking into this. We just can't guaratnee it, but we'd like to.
    Rio blast

    Since the vintage rio blast didnt have ne action features i figured this would be a easy to make cause i understand there is alot of tooling but i really want to see what he would look like in the classics style

    You'll just need to wait and see if and when we get to him!
    Return of A-List Characters

    I have recently gotten into MOTU Classics. I was wondering when/if you might re-release former A-List figures or do them in a slightly different way so as to differentiate from the first figures. I've got He-Man and She-Ra and started getting the new ones that come out each month, but I've missed out on Man-At-Arms, Teela, Sorceress, Evil Lyn, and Beast Man. I would love a chance to add them to my collection.

    We will sell off any remaining stock fromo time to time but we are not going back into production on any older figures.
    Keldor's swords

    okay i get that for legal reasons "china" needs to be put on the weapons but which even with keldor swords it seemed fine from the images shown but seeing a vid review by pixel- dan changed my mind on the matter, see at first i thought oh its cool i can turn the swords the other way (to not see the engraved mind you not just painted on "china" word) but now i see why it wont work the swords are a joke and arent solid like the 200x counter-part whats the deal with that? why are they halfs and not two full swords that can connect like the way they were on an outdated 200x version? i mean i have yet to get mine yet do they come with backs for each sword when pulled apart? personaly aside from mix-matching the idea of half swords are a joke due to being incomplete and an eyesore when the character holding them isnt facing you hiding the back of their weapon.

    P.S. b4 seeing the review i always thought the bronze hilt (that has a peg was what held them together)and to the point why make the bronze useless for displaying? with engraving the "china" on the blade in the front and not the back where its incomplete so it didnt totaly ruin the blade?

    Alas, we can't always control where legal marks need to go.
    Castle Grayskull - Changing Credit Cards

    A lot of people's credit cards are going to expire between now and the end of 2013 (including mine) when Castle Grayskull ships.

    Will we still receive our pre-ordered Castle Grayskull's if we change our credit cards?

    Yes! The new "My Sub" page lauching very soon will let you do this with ease!

    Wow great job on Clamp Champ he looks awesome, love the face sculpture.

    Do you see Mermista's tail and fin being made out of the same flexible plastic as King Hssss snake arms?

    Since we don't have a Mermista in development right now, there is no way to know the answer!
    Thank you

    I want to take a moment to thank Matty & DR for delivering the Weapons Pack before the estimated delivery date. Everything is in great condition.

    Secret Orb room of Castle Grayskull follow up

    I'm sorry TG, I've got a follow up question. Does Castle Grayskull come with the orb and the orb stand or do we have to get King Grayskull and TOD Sorceress for that?

    The current plan is for it to come with a new orb holder that is about 1/2 the size of the one TOD Sorceress comes with (in order to fit into the orb room) but not the orb. The Orb is exclusive to King Grayskull figure.
    He-Man Sold out!

    Can we petition for a He-Man 2.0 now using the NA He-Man wrists and maybe a Filmation sword or something??? Please???

    Actually, he is not sold out. We just sold out of the stock at DR. We have plenty more stock in our main facility we are moving over to DR this week.

    Also, just to manage expectations, if any when He-Man does sell out this does not automatically trigger a 2.0. Right now we are looking into a 2014 line (based on 2013 sub sales). If we did a He-Man 2.0 it would use up a development slot and a lot of this comes down to would you rather have a new He-Man or an all new character like Mantenna or Two-Bad or Rio Blast etc?
    How likely are these??

    i have a burning question here.
    can you tell me among these Motu characters:
    Kittrina /King Helios /Molkron /Dark One /Vultak /Dylamug /Batros /Goat Man
    Sea Hawk /Huntara /Colonel Blast /Admiral Scurbey /Kulatak Elder, Ceratus, Snake Armor He-Man/Ice Armor He-Man and Serpos.
    which of them are or could be a target for you?

    Anything is possible, but no plans right now.
    Can we have number and % to goal update to go along with meter artwork?

    As per catras response to another post, its not possible to update the artwork on the grayskull meter as quickly as we would all like, but is it possible to get a number update such as 28% to goal* artwork may not reflect actual number etc etc. I think that would make all of us happy to get at least something and putting percentages in number format is the quickest.

    From what I can tell, it looks like we are at about 42% ish.
    Change shipping address for Castle Grayskull?

    Sorry for repeat post but did not get a response before - I want to order a CG but will be moving house towards the end of 2013 - can I order it to ship to my current address and change it later?

    Yes. Not a problem. The "my sub" page launching in the next few weeks will let you do this.
    Fused Keldor Swords showing up in Great Unrest weapons Packs

    Several people have posted over on claiming they got fused Keldor swords in their weapons packs instead of the separating keldor swords. I thought Mattel caught all the fused swords and were using those as the Powercon giveaway. Why is the Factory in china packing fused swords in the great unrest weapons packs. People don't want to have to return their weapons packs and take the chance of customer service refunding their money instead of reissuing a replacement weapons pack.

    Can you please look into this to see if it's only a few mistakes or a wide spread issue with the weapons packs. I have two arriving this week and hope mine have the splitting keldor swords.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    It is possible a very small amount of non splitting swords ended up in the pack by accident. If you do get one you can simple exchange it at no cost to you through CS. But you do need to return the full pack with all piece count for an exchange.
    New Tiered Stands Displayed at NYCC?

    Regarding the Castle Grayskull patterned tiered stands on which Fang Man and Jitsu were displayed at the New York City Comic Con, is this a clue perhaps that tiered stands for MOTU Classics figures could be on the way? And if so, would it only be Grayskull inspired, or could there also be stands made representative of the various factions?

    Not a clue. These ARE the new tiered MOTUC stands (well the work in progress stands, we are still adjusting them so the tiers are more distinct). It was revealed late on Sunday in our booth.
    Percentage Update on Castle Grayskull Preorders?

    Could you give us a percentage update on the Castle Grayskull preorder? Thanks!

    You can see the meter that we update on the preorder page. I believe it looks to be around 42%
    Accounting for multiple 2013 subs?

    Just curious - you say that the minimum preorders needed for CG has to match the 2013 sub sales. Many folks bought more than one sub to get us over the line - so realistically do you think that people who forked out a bit more to save the line would dig even deeper again for such an expensive (but, admittedly, pretty awesomely cool!) item?

    Realistically, no, I don't personally think someone with say 5 2013 subs will buy 5 CGs. BUT, I also think that the Castle appeals to a more casual fan and hoping that many fans who did not buy a sub may buy a Castle and compensate for those who bought multiple subs but only one Castle.
    Frosta Forearms... I'm sorry I'm confused here...

    I'm sorry but im a little confused here, I just got my frosta and i compared her to all of my other female figures and i dont see how this is such a huge deal.. her forearms gauntlets may not match the majority of the POP characters, but it seems to match teela and evil lyns, and no one has complained about those... sorry its more of a rant then a question but if mattel has an official stance on it i'd like to hear it, because in my opinion (which probably only matters to me) nothing really looks out of proportion). i'm (hopefully) including a photo of the majority of female charachters to show you what i am trying to say. notice that teela, battleground teela, Evil-lyn and battleground Evil-lyn match frosta and no one has ever said anything bad about that. so either i am confused about what exactly the forearm issue is or people need to go back and complain about all the teelas and evil-lyns. thanks for listening to me rant...

    Yeah, this detail is hard to see. Technically the gloves are reversed but to the caual eye, it is really hard to tell. And she stil functions 100% correct as is. But we do our best to always hit these details. Sometimes factors beyond our control intervene in th best laid plans!
    Rattlor's Back Card... Why Was He Not Shown?

    Just out of curiosity, why was Rattlor not shown on the back of his card?

    No real reason. Sometimes these things happen.
    Scareglow's accessory

    Hey, Scott, me again asking another question: Our beloved undead Karak Nul came with a relic that had the key to Castle Grayskull inside. Could you find a way to make it interact with the castle (maybe to open tne secret door)? And when it comes to a bio for the ancient ruin: how about adding a mini-comic, but only for preorders?

    Definately a cool idea. Nothing set yet and hopefully this is not a detail holding up anyone from pre ordering. But we will look into this!
    Secret Orb room of Castle Grayskull

    could you elaborate on the so-called Secret Orb room within the dome of Castle Grayskull? Does this have to do with King Grayskull and TOD Sorceress?

    It is a room to hold the orb that came with King Grayskull.
    Castle Grayskull Wall

    Will the two walls held together by the hinges be able to "un-hinge" like the vintage one? If so, would it be possible to have a hinge on the other side of the front wall for customers who buy more than one castle to attach a spare "non-front" side of the castle to make three walls for one castle?

    I honestly don't know. At this point details like this are still unknown. Hopefully your order is not contingent on this detail!


    Please consider MYP characters

    Could you please confirm if another MYP (except Dekker) is coming in 2013?
    PRAHVUS , CALIX or EVIL SEED would be awesome

    Sorry, we can't comfirm anyone past. NA He-Man at this time
    Gygor question

    Is Gygor more of an independent villain like count Marzo and Evilseed or is he a member of Skeletor's evil warriors like Beastman and Trapjaw? Thank you for your time and efforts.

    He is a bit independent, but remember even Marzo teamed up when it suited him.
    Two Simple Suggestions

    Two simple suggestions for potential items.

    When/If you get to him, do you see him packed in a normal MOTUC package?
    Assembled or Unassembled?
    If unassembled, please consider packing him similar to the Weapons Pak.
    Monster High has an item out on the market with "body parts" displayed this way.

    Next Weapons Pak
    *Bubble Power She-Ra headpiece with silver reflecting sticker.
    This would help make a more accurate original toy representation.

    Cool ideas but no plans at this time.
    Castle pre sale

    For the short time order, it seems it's being set up to fail. just so Mattel can say we tried. just leave it open till the end of this year.

    I wish we could but if we don't hit the min by Nov 10 we can't move forward.
    Great Castle Grayskull Order Page!

    Kudos to you and the MattyCollector team regarding the plentiful information available for the ordering of Castle Grayskull! I see multitudinous questions in this thread and elsewhere as to the timing of the pre-sale, costs, etc., but I can't help but feel people are simply not reading the instructions clearly enough. Everything seems very well spelled out down to the most minute detail, at least to my eyes. So, I'm sending you a pat on the back for making sure the buyer understands exactly what they're getting, when they can order, how much they will be charged initially vs. day of, etc. Awesome work and well deserving of praise!

    Well thanks! Please help spread the word. We Ned every fans help on this one!
    Please spread the info via e-mail

    I just found casually following info:
    We have until Nov 10 to hit out min but can keep preorder open until Jan 3 as long as the min is hit by Nov 10. If we don't hit the min by Nov 10 we'll just end it all.

    As me, it is possible that many others wanted to wait until january to preorder. Please INFORM us customers via e-mail about these details, in order to avoid displeasing confusions.

    Thank you so very much for giving us the chance for CG!

    We will do all we can to spread the word.
    What date do I have to order the castle by?

    The order page says the 3rd of January,but I am hearing it is actually in less then a month from other posters.....which is it....and if it is in early November...why the heck does the order page say January 2013?

    Also is my card pre authorized for a zero amount or 250 then it falls off?
    Thanks for clarity.
    Also great job at NYCC!

    It looks like at the org they are saying by November 10th,I can not find the post you said it in...if this is true..
    I was going to wait until after Christmas.
    .................................................. .......................
    Edit....again.....I see the page is updated with the new date.
    Ignore this post,I have my answer.
    Thanks for your time.

    We must meet the min order by Nov 10. If we do this pre order will continue through Jan 3.
    CG PreOrder - Update Page to Reflect Nov 10th Date

    I know your update said we have until Nov 10th to meet the minimum and then it could still be open until Jan 3rd.
    You have to realize that not every buyer will search out that information.

    Please update the pre-order page to make the Nov 10th Thermomater Deadline evident!
    Digital River page shows the following:
    Pre-order Starts: October 16, 2012 9 a.m. PT
    Pre-order Ends: January 3, 2013 11:59 p.m. PT

    Your MattyPalooza presentation said it ends on November 10th!

    We are working on this
    NA he-man question

    is NA he-man's actual armor removable?

    Sorceress on her throne

    Hi Scott, I love Castle Grayskull, and I'll be buying 2 of them. But I just wanted to make sure that you guys are designing the throne to work with The Sorceress figure. The throne isn't going to be very useful if the drums or wings on The Sorceress figure prevent her from sitting in it.

    This is something we are looking into but can't confirm the execution right now.
    Is the throne chair ?

    It is going to swivel and the trap door would unlach

    There will b a trap door but at this time we don't know how the activation will work
    Great Reveals at NYCC, but...

    You are falling way too far behind on Great Rebellion figures. There are a lot of ladies to get to. I'm a fan of all factions, but the mythos feels like it's missing a corner of its own universe. Up until Recently, NA and Great Rebellion were severely lagging. We need to see a couple of these ladies and sooner rather than later. We can't have a Great Rebellion with only a handful of people.

    *Glimmer, Angella, Castaspella, Mermista are the big four, at least get to these.

    We have already done 10 GR figures vs only 2 Galactic Protectors. I'm time we hope to doors for both.
    CG pre-order and credit card change

    I would like to pre-order Castle Grayskull and will use my current credit card for pre-authorization. I know that next year I will be moving to another country. This means that my credit card will be totally changed by the time the Castle is produced. Is it ok to use one credit card for pre-authorization and do the payment with a new credit card?

    The my sub page launching soon will let you do this
    NA He-Man's Ball Jointed Wrist Question

    Now that We have a New Wrist for NA He-Man for him to Truly hold his sword aloft, has anyone thought of Making a non-sub He-Man 3.0? Maybe throw in an extra harness and two "wig pieces" to switch between He-Man eras. Vintage and Modern He-Man.

    Personally I would love to but no plans right now
    CC weapons

    Clamp Champ looks great, will the clamping device (Power Pincher) be spring-loaded?
    Also did you know the name Kunle means "this home is filled with honor" just in case you need to use it

    It will not be spring loaded but will be articulated.
    Castle Grayskull pre-order bonus

    Has there been any discussion of a pre-order bonus for CG? Such as the one given for the Hover Board.

    The bonus is getting it at 250.00. Of there are day of sales it will be significantly higher.
    Will NA he-man have additional armor?

    great reveils at nycc and 2013 cant be here fast enough. so happy to see new adventure he-man. the old figure had a helmet and a chest armor. will NA he-man have additional armor to? if not, it would be cool to have these in a future weapons pack.

    We are still looking into this as noted at our panel on Sat.
    Please Cast NA He-Man's Ball-Joint Wrist (And All Upper Body) In Flesh Tone Plastic !

    Please..... Do not mess NA He-Man with "painted" parts ! Especially the Ball-Joint wrists !! We don’t want him like Thunder Punch He-Man WITH painted closed fist (which was casted in red colour plastic) !

    In simple, treat him like Bow (He is AWESOME BTW) !

    I'll pass that along!
    early thanks

    Hey Guru, thanks for the new adventures he-man reveal! I felt like I was five years old again when I saw it! I know it was not the most popular incarnation, but your favorite figures stick with you all through life. Nice job.

    You are welcome!
    Castle Grayskull blueprints

    Fun panel today, and great reveals. I'm super excited for the launch of the CG pre-order (thanks for adding the meter) but I'm concerned that fans won't back it without really being able to see what the blue prints have to offer. Is there any way to get some larger images of the interior up on the pre-order page so that we can really see all the awesomeness to come?

    Yes, we are working on this
    castle grayskull

    Alls I can say is wow. And thankyou. Now I think I want 2 of them because they sound so awesome!

    That is two closer to our goal!
    why is the max set to 10

    on the castle greyskull the max it say u can preorder is 10,since its a pre order shouldn't you be able to order as many as u want?

    We'll adjust this.

    Awesome awesome awesome!
    I will echo a sentiment though.....please post bigger pics of the B sheet....we can hardly see them.

    Working on this.
    Grayskull addition piece suggestion.

    Would it be possible for some sort of "hook" addition to be placed outside the castle to position the flying characters such as Buzz Off or Stratos. This would help to create the illusion that these types of characters are in mid flight. Just my two cents.

    No, this is not in the design, but cool idea!
    NA He-Man really NEEDS to get his helmeted head and his armour. He's just incomplete without those parts.

    Any chance we might still see these parts?
    If they can't be included with the figure, please find a way to still make them possible. (Weapons Pack or with another figure).

    We answered this at our panel!
    second heads for Clamp Champ and NA He-Man

    Will there be any alt heads for Clamp Champ and NA He-Man?
    NA He-Man is missing his helmeted head/mullet head
    and Clamp Champ could really do with a second head
    1. younger looking with staction headgear
    2. old head from mini comics with a thick mushtache

    He has one head
    Man-At-Arms heritage

    Over at the German forums someone suggested he would put Dekkers younger head on a Man-At-Arms body, to create the younger version of Dekker when he was the Man-At-Arms. This made me think about the heritage of this position:
    Does every Man-At-Arms wear the same armor that we know from Duncan? Or will every character in that position have his own armor? So far we know about 4 Man-At-Arms´ : Dekker, Duncan, Clamp Champ and Sir Laser-Lot. I could see Clamp Champ and Sir Laser-Lot still using their own armor, but Dekkers gown seems to be more of the casual style, not exactly an armor that suits the position of the royal Man-At-Arms.

    It is a title, not a uniform.
    longer loincloth policy

    I still haven't get how few figures got the longer loincloth which is so cool. Is that a random choice?

    We usually leave this choice to the Horsemen on a fig by fig basis.
    Club Eternia Figures 2013 in the month when Grayskull comes

    Is it possible that only one Club Eternia 2013 figure will come out in the month when grayskull comes out ?? And no extras like weapons pak....I asked this because for international fans the castle will be really expensive. $250,00 + Shipping + Taxes = I think it will be more than $330,00

    We try to keep the year balanced but many times factors beyond our control change release schedules.
    Idea for a new teamsticker

    Well, we get a Time Agents sticker, we get Great Rebellion stickers, there even is a new Son of He-Man sticker coming with King He-Man.

    Would you please consider giving the Fighting Foe Men a sticker on their own? You could give them a sticker sheet for subscribers with PoG, Horde and FFM stickers to customize their box and this would give you the option to add more members (like the Wind Raider pilot) to their ranks!

    The FFM will have a POG sticker.
    He-Man 3.0

    Scott, you told us, there won't be a new He-Man before the current He-Man has sold out. You also told us, you made TONS of him to have him available all year.

    Now he has sold out.

    Here's the idea for a new He-Man 3.0: Give him the new wirst articulation of NA He-Man AND add armor and second, helmeted head to him. That way, A LOT of fans would be interested in buying him not only because of his ability to hold his sword aloft, but also because of more display options and to create your perfect mix-and-match He-Man!

    He has not sold out. The allocation for the party pak sold out. You can still buy him.
    Tell me how to pre-order I keep getting an error message.

    How do I pre-order Grayskull?
    I would rather saw off my own hand with a dull hacksaw and then roll around in broken glass and take a lemon bath than miss out on this.

    Error: We are currently unable to perform the selected action. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have been notified and are already working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please click your browser's back button and try this action at a later time, or take a different action. Error Number: CAT_000015

    Pre order starts tomorrow
    Game of Thrones

    I am a huge fan of the Masters of the Universe action figures and would love to collect them from years to come.
    Do you think there is room in the line to have a universe within a universe and create a MOTU Game of Thrones toy line?
    I think the classics style and quality would suit the characters from the book/tv series and that the two lines would look great together.

    No. We do not have this license.
    Thank you for NYCC Reveals

    There are no words to say how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME NA He-Man looks! I don't know if you listened to fans about including the iron cross, but it was a much-needed addition that makes NA He-Man more a part of MOTU! In doing this, it brings NA even more into the fold. I think the efforts you've made to bring NA into MOTU have all been good ones.

    Thank you as well for Clamp Champ and the plans for Castle Grayskull.

    Another set of reveals that I think are helping bring consumer confidence back to this line.


    You are welcome!
    MOTUC Mantenna - How Would You Go About It?

    It was nice meeting you again at NYCC. If and when you get to Mantanna, how would you go about it? Would he require 100% new tooling?

    He would likely be a fully tool'd figure but no plans right now.
    NA He-Man sword sheath

    I noticed the two blue "holes" in the back of He-Mans armor. Is there supposed to be a sheath for his sword in that place? Since the figure is still in a very early stage of development, was the sheath just not finished yet?
    If you didn´t plan for him to have a sheath for his sword, would you please reconsider that decission?

    Yes, the sword holder was not finished in time for NYCC but will be included.
    Restock for Cyber Monday?

    I was just curious if He-Man will be restocked for the Cyber Monday sale, even if its just "remaining customer service stock".

    No, we won't be getting in any new stock but may sell off older stock to make room for 2013 product.
    Packaging for 3 packs scaled down to Vykron size please?

    I would like to request that all 3 packs going forward be packed out in the Vykron shaped box rather than the Star Sisters / Swiftwind box ... IMO the Star sisters box was unnecessarily over-sized for 3 figures and a bird. The Eternian Palace guards, Snake Men 2 packs and Vykron look really nice in their sleek, well-fitted packaging but the Star Sisters look a bit ridiculous in the box they were packed in. There is way too much open/wasted space at the top. I'm sure this would also cut down on shipping costs, not to mention saving space for MISB collectors. I hope it is not too late to make this change.

    We can't fit three full figures in that package.
    Gray skull preorder

    I just want to confirm what's the Presale date. Your NYCc slides and Mattycollector have different dates and we want to make sure people know the exact deadline. Thanks

    We have until Nov 10 to hit the min, and if that is hit we can keep it open until Jan 3 for additional orders.
    Why isn't She-Ra adding to cart?

    I want to pick up a She-Ra along with tomorrow's sale items but she will not add to the cart. Is she sold out or is this a glitch that can be fixed before the sale starts tomorrow. Thanks!

    Not sure. I'll pass this along.
    New Adventures She-Ra

    NA He-Man looks amazing, and now I'm very eager to see the 4HM tackle NA Skeletor. But it also got me thinking: since the Icarius bio says She-Ra went to Primus with He-Man, have you given any thought to a redesign of She-Ra similar to what He-Man and Skeletor got?

    This would be a cool variant but no plans to announce now.
    Buzz Saw Hordak

    if a Buzz Saw Hordak will be released, does the buck would be regular motuc size or it will be replaced by a bigger buck to recall the vintage shape?

    All MOTUC will be the same scale like the vintage figs.
    gold armor sword and shield for he-man

    when you get to the next weapons pak, would you please include he-man's classic original armor in gold with red cross symbol same colours as na he-mans plus the classic sword of he with gold hilt and trans-green blade and a trans-green classic shield. i think that would be so cool

    Anything is possible but no plans right now.
    Matty Misinformation about Castle Grayskull

    Scott, why did you say that CG pre-orders will go from Oct 16 - Nov 10, but on Mattycollector it currently states that pre-orders will go through Jan 3rd? Which is it?

    We have until Nov 10 to hit out min but can keep preorder open until Jan 3 as long as the min is hit by Nov 10. If we don't hit the min by Nov 10 we'll just end it all.
    Castle Grayskull scale question

    According to the B-sheet presented à NYCC, only one regular figure will be able to enter Castle Grayskull at a time.

    Some rumors say the jaw-bridge will be big enough to let He-Man + Battle cat enter the Castle.

    TG, can you clarify what the size of the jaw-bridge (and the overall scale of CG) will be?

    Note : For my part I was imagining from day 1 the jaw-bridge would be at least 2 figures tall and even if I'm quite happy to have CG as drawn on the B-Sheet, I would have preferred a bigger one (Even if it would cost 350$).

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work, the MOTUC is an amazing line, hope to see it last for many more years!

    We will have a video up in a few days showing a foam model next to the vintage set.
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress

    Just wondering when these maybe going on sale here online? Not sure if this has been answered here?

    We have a very small quota that will go on sale online before the end of the year. The exact date is still being reviewed.
    Castle Grayskull Pre-orders?

    Will the preorders be capped at a certain amount once preorders have been made. Or, will you take as many orders as you can when preorders have passed the goal, during the preorder time frame?

    No.You can preorder as many as you want.
    Question about MotUC and Factory Deals

    From what I understand, the more you order from the factories, the better deals you get. And so, you always want to ensure that you have a preorder number of subs really close or exceeding such a number that would ensure you a good deal with them.

    So, my question is why not just make more? Fulfill all the orders of those who have a subscription, but also make more of those figures to get a great deal from the factories. That would accomplish two primary things, you guys would get a better deal from factories you use, and day-of-buyers (and subscribers who want extras) will be able to more easily get the figures they want because stock would ideally last for more than a day, which would be a good thing for all involved. You have roughly a month of time to sell any stragglers that last more than a day (though there's no harm in just leaving them up there for months to come if they don't sell), but that's perfectly fine, because it isn't like every figure needs to sell out in <1 hour everytime to be successful. As long as they sell out in any number of time, they're successful.

    And if this isn't an option, I'd be curious to know why. I suppose one reason is because perhaps to get to the next best deal with factories the number of orders has to go up to a much higher number. Or I guess the resources allotted to you (the MotU brand) could be insufficient to make a better deal, in which case you should fight for it! Well, that is, if the above is actually valid.

    Because it costs money to store unsold product.
    Larger blueprints please!

    The pictures of the castle on the pre-order page are much too small.
    Please post larger pictures where one can read the measurements etc.
    Thank you

    I'll see what I can do when back I'm the office next week.
    Flocked Panthor

    I've been holding out on buying Panthor because of the hope that one day I can get a flocked version. I realize you can't tell me if it IS happening, but if it's NOT ever going to happen, let me know so I can buy the not-flocked-but-still-cool version.

    Anything is possible but no plans right now for 2013.
    Filmation Hordak

    A lot of fans assume that when/if Mattel gets around to a Filmation variant of Hordak, that he will include Imp. Please do us all a favor and include Imp with him. I know you don't want to see the endless threads complaining about a lack of Imp, and I don't want to suffer through reading them. LOL

    No plans for a Filmation Hordak at this time.
    What do you think of the new He-Man mobile game?

    He-Man: The most Powerful Game in the Universe

    You wouldn't have had anything to do with this would you? Any insights, you'd like to share?

    I love it! And it was a blast to work on. Lots of cool Easter Eggs for fans.
    the flying guy

    It is a great time to be a MOTU fan currently; even a game coming out!

    Do we already know who this flying guy is?

    It's a flying guy
    I Really Hope . . .

    that Castle Grayskull will remain at the $200 mark. Once shipping is figured in, it will be expensive and quite the investment for people/fans/customers, especially international fans. I hope this has been taken into account.

    It looks like to avoid cost reducing it we are going to set the price at 250.00. That does not include shipping.
    Orko Family Pack

    ?siht fo ytilibissop ynA .sdnats thgilf emos dna ,alarT morf stac yzarc rehto esoht lla ,ellE erD, okrO sedulcni tI

    No plans right now for an Orko family pack
    Snake Face feet

    Hi Toy Guru, please consider changing the foot of Snake Face, put Hordak feet look much better, that most people think.

    It is too late to make this change.
    He-Man and Battle Cat Party Pak

    First of all, great deal! I hope you guys advertise deal as I'm sure it has the potential to definitely interest some new customers to MotUC.

    Onto the question, just to confirm, the He-Man included in this "2-pack" is the reissue one (the one without the red shading around the eyes), correct?

    I'd also like to know if the international shipping error with Battle Cat will be corrected for "2-pack", seeing as how whenever Battle Cat is added to a shipment, the price becomes much more expensive, compared, to say, if you add Panthor to a shipment. I'm sure you already know about this problem, so I hope it could be dealt with before the sale, because I'm sure that'd be an unfortunate surprise to some.


    Yes, it is the reissue.
    Future Weapons Packs?

    Is it possible in a future weapons pack (provided you make one) to get more Horde armbands and maybe some horde symbols that can somehow snap onto a figure or placed on their chest?

    I suppose anything is possible.
    Party Pack packaging...

    Is the He-Man and Battle Cat Party Pack going to have some sort of Unique packaging, like the gift sets back in the day, or is it just a good price on the standard He-Man and Battle Cat?

    It is a bundle with the existing figures in their own package. Just a special price on He-Man's birthday.
    HM/BC Party Pak time

    Does the sale start ET then end PT? So 1201 am ET on 10/12(ie. 901 PM PT on 10/11)?

    Sale times are Pacific.
    Tony Guerrero

    So far, Classics has paid homage to Mark Taylor, Roger Sweet, and Alfredo Alcala. I feel Tony Guerrero should be added to that list with his original production head sculpt of He-Man. I honestly feel fans would die for this!

    Some suggestions:

    ~The hair and face should be sculpted and cast as one like the original version and not separate pieces.
    ~Make it as close to the original as possible with some added detail like in the eyes and teeth.
    ~Have the sculpt casted in flesh color like the original.
    ~Don't remember if the first He-Man in production had the soft heads(I think they did) but that might be a cool detail?

    Thanks for your time!

    A cool idea but nothing planned right now.
    Yet another Frosta's free gift comment

    Hope all is well and that you're enjoying the silence before the comic-con! This will be my first time at NYCC and I'm pretty amped!

    My question/comment, though I realize you've had a barrage of frosta's free gift questions thrown at you, is: have you and design thought at all about coming up with a comb accessory that could be related to Frosta? Like a clear blue plastic comb axe or maybe a comb ice sword of some sort?

    Just a thought. I really hope that whatever it is, it has something to do with Frosta

    Thanks for your time and enjoy the long weekend, assuming you get one

    We have a few concepts being coated out. Some are Frosta related, others not at all.
    Skeleton body in the Motuc Line

    What do you think about a Skeleton body in the Motuc Line?
    We could get Skeleton Warriors (Army Builders) and the Great Black Wizard!
    Do you think it possible?

    It would be cool but no plans right now.
    random fan questions

    Hey Toy Guru. First of all Mekaneck is great! favorite of the year so far after TP He-Man.

    I have some random questions for you:

    1. If you could put one vintage character into production RIGHT NOW and money was no object, who would it be?

    2. two of my favorites recently have been icarius and slush head. Just great execution. Did those two and optikk sell well enough to justify exploring the whole range of New Adventures characters? I'm dying for a new adventures heman as it was one of the first heman figs i ever owned.

    Just one, prob either Mantenna or Modulock. I love me some vintage Horde. The Rock Warriors would be up there too.

    Spector way out sold Slushead if that tells you anything.
    Date of sale curiousity question - Snake Mtn Stands?

    I know the Greyskull diorama stands are listed as an essential item in the day of sale items, but how come the Snake Mountain stands aren't listed at all, yet they are available to order?

    We may bring them back if there is anymore stock
    A Frosta thought...

    So my understanding is that there will be no apology gift for day of buyers. Full disclosure. I am a subber and I buy a day of every month.

    So now that day of buyers know that they have a chance of getting a correct figure or a incorrect figure. Couldn't they buy the max of 10 and return the defected Frosta's?

    I think you need to make the Frosta apology gift for EVERYONE that keeps the Frosta. It will be a thank you for supporting MOTU not just an apology. I think you should make this statement ASAP so that you don't end up getting stuck with 1,500 Frosta's.

    I'm just saying. I love MOTU and don't want this to hurt the line.

    Only the sub holders will be getting the gift as day of buyers can choose whether they want her (as you do each months). 100% of the Frostas are the same. There is not a portion that has the gloves the other way.
    NA Timeline

    Is the The New Adventures Timeline obsolete? With She-Ra going with He-Man to Primus how much does that change things in the The New Adventures story line and could it have a ripple effect in anything after NA?


    Keep reading the bios!
    Cut Rattlor Armor

    I know you stated there was a shot of the Rattlor prototype (that included the armor which was later cut after the deco costs came back higher)

    My question is will you be trying to get Rattlors Armour out to us fans in 2013 somehow either packed in with another figure or via a weapons pack like you did with the 2012 Figures cut Accessories since 2014 is still up in the air?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply.

    We already announced that we are looking into this (watch Pixel Dan's SDCC walk through video). No plans now, but the armor was tool'd so we'd love to get it out one day.
    Echoing Chaoctopus's thoughts on Octavia, & a suggestion

    I agree about Octavia using bendy tentacles. This is the time design can step in and say:

    "OK, Snout Spout didn't work. However King Hssss' material is something that has been successful. Also, our cat twins in our very own Monster High doll line also use bendy material for their tails, with similar success."

    It's unfortunate that you have a very doable action feature staring at you and Snout Spout's trunk has scared you off to it. I am very grateful that you acknowledge the obstacle that foam created, but please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater on this issue. She should have bendy tentacles.

    But IF YOU CAN'T...

    May I suggest that whatever piece on her back that holds the tentacles be removable? Then maybe an optional bendy tentacles pack can be released in a Weapons pack in the future? It's would be very much appreciated, and of course then I'd buy two Octavias to display both ways. :-)

    A cool idea but not the direction design is going in.
    Frosta gift answer clarification

    Someone asked when the Frosta gift would ship and you answered...

    "It is most likely to ship in q3 of 2013." Did you really mean 2012? A year is a pretty long time to wait for an apology gift. LOL But it's fine if so, I mean it is free.

    No. I meant 2013. It takes 12-16 months to go from concept to shelf. The toy industry is not as reactionary as other media.
    Lizard Man figure possibility and design suggestions

    Lizard Man is (really) cool, but he seems like he'd be a bit too small to be on a MotUC body. What do you think about making him (if you were to make him, of course) on something similar to a DCUC mold? The upcoming Dark Knight Returns Batman from the Batman Unlimited line is using a body really similar to a MotUC mold (despite you noting that he only has MotUC shoulders), so making a DCUC-like mold in MotUC should be a possibility too, right? Maybe have his hip ball joints to be more like they are in MotUC, give him some rocker ankles, and he should look right at home with other MotUC figures. What he could borrow from DCUC is possibly arms and legs (barring hands and feet of course), maybe even ones with double jointed elbows and knees! Of course at the end of the day, he could be a completely original mold, with just being smaller and/or thinner than the average MotUC mold.

    And maybe if the costs work out, he could even be a bit cheaper than a regular $27 MotUC figure, more like the price of a DCUC figure (assuming DCUC parts are actually used to save money). Well, unless you guys want to stack him with accessories, then it would make more sense to be full priced. It could also make sense if he'd be an out of sub figure, since he'd be pretty different from the average MotUC figure.

    I also think a couple of daggers would make for good weapons for him. I think he seems like a rogue type of character, since he seems to be really agile. But it's your guy's choice at the end of the day how you want him to be, bios and all that.

    Some thoughts after watching an episode featuring him.

    And some pictures of him for those who don't remember him.

    I'm well aware of Lizard man, he's one of CB's favorite figs and he brings him up all the time!
    What's his name?

    Will the Classics' storyline eventually unveil the mystery of the Unnamed One?

    We do know exactly who he is and his background. Hopefully one day we'll get to him!

    Scott, do you have any input with the DC folks about stories or comic book ideas? I write MOTU stories and many folks at The Great Rebellion tell me I should write a comic for MOTU. I have a great one-shot Vykron idea I'd like to send you to pass along, if you'd be interested in taking a look (even if you can't pass it along, I would like for you to read a sample chapter and give me your feedback.)

    Vykron ran his fingers through his long, black hair, pulling back away from his eyes. Reaching for a silver helmet adorned with gold highlights, he placed it on his head, smiling as he studied his image in a nearby mirror. The helmet was a symbol of his status as an undefeated champion of the games, and he wore it with pride.

    He then walked to a corner of his quarters, where hung a massive rack adorned with all sorts of weapons, including various maces, swords, lances, spears, and his personal favorite, a battle axe with a long handle. He was quite fond of this particular piece, having won it from a well respected warrior in the games. He turned it in the light, admiring the light as it shined across the blade.

    Hearing the curtain to his quarters being pulled back, Vykron turned to see a man of smaller stature enter the room. He wore a long cloak to hide the fact that he walked with the aid of a crutch. His face bore scars of past fights in the game, his left eye and cheekbone gone, lost long ago to the blow of a mace.

    "Ah, Decon, my old friend, I was afraid you would not make it in time," Vykron said, a wide smile on his face as he walked to meet his friend in a firm handshake.

    "Quite a crowd has gathered to see today's game," Decon said, extending his hand to meet Vykron's, shaking firmly. "I would not miss this."

    "That is good," Vykron said enthusiastically, shouldering his axe, his smile widening. "I plan to send that monkey back to the trees where he belongs."

    Decon studied the weapon. "With only that?" he asked, doubt in his voice. "Perhaps you should also carry a sidearm, should it prove ineffective..."

    "It won't," Vykron retorted, his smile fading. He turned back to his armory, fastening one of two silver bracers on each of his wrists.

    "I meant no disrespect..."

    "I have fought ferocious men in that arena," Vykron said, as he fastened his bracers. "Warriors. Barbarians. Tacticians. And all of them were cunning, and armed heavily. I took them all on, some with nothing more than my bare hands, and I always came out on top. Now this animal, this...ape comes forward, and challenges me. He is uncivilized, and nothing more than a savage. He is huge, yes, but he poses no threat to me. The axe will do just nicely."

    "I see, my friend," Decon nodded softly. "Well since you are confindent in your victory, shall we raise a cup of wine to toast the game?"

    "Now I like the way you think," Vykron laughed. "Can you pour while I finish preparing?"

    "I would be glad to," Decon nodded, hobbling over to a table with food and drink on it. He chose two goblets, and grabbed a bottle. He pulled the cork and poured the wine. He looked over his shoulder to see that Vykron had his back to him. He then pulled a small vial from a pouch on his belt, opened it and poured the contents into one of the goblets. Hearing Vykron turn around, he quickly dropped the vial on the table behind the wine bottle, and grabbed the goblets and turned around as best as he could, careful as to which one he handed to Vykron.

    "To your victory," Decon said, raising his goblet, as Vykron raised his.

    "It will be a swift one," Vykron smiled. He drank his wine down quickly, as Decon sipped his slowly, watching with his one good eye. Vykron finished his wine, then threw his goblet to the ground.

    "Come watch the game," he gestured to Decon, hoisting his axe over his shoulder again. "It will be fun watching the savage be humuliated."

    "I will catch up, my friend," Decon said. He looked to his crutch. "I will only slow you down."

    "Very well," Vykron smiled, puling back the curtain. "Don't wait too long, you may miss it." He then left Decon alone in his quarters.

    Decon went back to the table and placed his goblet back down, and picked up the vial he had dropped. He studied it for a moment, then put it back into the pouch hanging from his belt. It made a soft clinking noise.

    "Gygor may be a savage, my friend," Decon said softly, patting the pouch, enjoying the clinking noise he heard. "But I am sure his gold is just as good as anyone else's." He left the room silently , making his way to the arena to find a seat to watch the games.

    I help approve the comics as the brand manager but I don't provide overall creative direction.
    Frostas Gift

    hi can Frostas gift please be Netossas face plate? cos seriously that is all Netossa needs to be as Good as octavia.

    Design is working on a few concepts which we need to cost out.
    Does EP King Randor Biceps Articulation Work Like Teela / Evil-Lyn Biceps ?

    I am curious about this since he does not shares the standard MOTUC biceps !

    Yes, because of the unique jacket arms he does not have a mid arm swivel. But he does come with 16.7% more coolness vs. your average figure. So it comes out in the wash.
    EP King Randor In Black Plastic OR Not ?

    Since you mentioned that Dekker won’t be using black plastic, What about EPK Randor ? Is he coming “before” Dekker slot OR falls “after” him ?

    I actualy can't guaratnee either of them. I'm not 100%?sure. But review samples are going out soon so I'm sure someone will cut one to see.
    Snake Face WITH Newly Tooled Skeletor (Peg Hole Free) Shins !

    Firstly, this question is NOT about changing parts for Snake Face (like giving him Hordak feet ETC) !

    What I am asking is, can you tool a NEW & UPDATED Skeletor shins (much like Vikor furry boots) for Snake Face ?? Doing this will ensure Snake Face & the other future figures (like evil warriors & filmation characters benefiting a tight & hidden peg hole ankle joints !

    PLEASE.... Please consider this since this is one of the regularly used parts in MOTUC !

    Sorry,it is way too late for any changes.
    IMPORTANT Frosta questions

    Hey Scott, I have some important question about our frosty queen:

    1.) Are ALL Frosta assembled wrong? There are fans already claiming they would return Frosta only because she isn't vintage MotU. So, if there is only a certain percentage of Frostas with reversed arms, do customers still have the opportunity to return her, if she has correct arms?

    2.) The apology item, will it be related to Frosta and when will it ship?

    3.) How will you handle the relationship to your vendor so that those things do not happen again? Wouldn't it be good to have someone at the factory to review production where it happens?

    Yes, We don't know but ideally Q3 2013, and we are constantly working with our vendors to improve QC!
    Will Frosta Apology Gift shipped with remaining 2012 SUB’s ?

    If not, will it be shipped separately in 2013 ?

    It is most likely to ship in q3 of 2013.
    Castle Grayskull drawing reveal

    Hey TG! your answer to all Castle Grayskull ralated questions and suggestions have been like "Lets keep all CG ideas and feedback until AFTER you see the drawing at NYCC" but, when we get to see the drawing, will there be time to suggest, change modify anything? Or will it be like "this is the drawing of what you will get, and there is no time to modify anything by now"? Thanks for your time!

    At our fan panel at NYCC and later that day bon
    Eldor "Legends of Toy Design"

    Don't know if you were at this panel or have watched this yet but some of the designers share good information on Eldor.

    Starting at 8:00 minutes in they share an Eldor prototype and then went on to talk about how Eldor was supposed to have pearlescent light purple legs.

    At 27:00 minutes in member Arvilus "Mo-Lar" asks how Eldor's Book of Living Spells works. Mark explains how it worked like a chinese puzzle.

    Very cool panel. I like the idea of light purple pearlescent legs for Eldor!


    I was sitting in the back. A very cool panel!
    Pre-Order Question

    I hope this has not been asked before!

    My credit card expires on January 2013. Will I have problems to pre-order two Castle Grayskulls, as the card would have been expired on Fall 2014?

    Thank you so very much for giving us MOTUC!

    The my sub page launching soon will let you make all the changes you need.
    Subscriptions now officially shipping before sales date?

    I noticed a change in the wording for this month's upcoming October Subscriptions as:

    "Subscription orders should begin shipping approximately Wednesday, October 10th, three business days before the October 15th on-sale date" does this mean subscriptions are now being processed a day or two sooner?

    If so, Thank you Toyguru for making this happen.

    That's the goal!
    Mattels NYCC Arrival?

    I just read Matty's press release on NYCC and it states that you guys will be there "Friday" till Sunday, even though the actual con starts on "Thursday."

    I'm really hoping this is just a typo and that you'll be there on Thursday as well, set up, geared to go and selling the TOD Sorceress.

    Yes, we are there Thrus but I think sales may not start until Friday.
    Frosta 'sorry' gift

    When will we find out what the Frosta gift is and is it going to be coming with Frosta?

    If you can't tell us, when will we find out what it is and when will it be shipped out?

    We should know both of these answers around Dec.
    Rattlor Armor?

    You know you saw it, and so did we. So the question is, was this a ploy to get us in an uproar for a new weapons pack item, or is this going to be included with the figure when it ships with the sub?

    Neither. Here is what happened.

    When the photo department shot him, somehow they had two stalves (he only comes with one) and they shot him holding both. We sent him back for a new shoot but in the meantime the digital team went into the Rattlor file for a sale image and the only image in there was a shot of the prototype (that included the armor which was later cut after the deco costs came back higher) since Rattlor was still being reshot with only one stalve.

    So an incorrect image was breifly put up on the promo page. It is already swapped out. For the record the armor is not Included and we will be sure the actual sale page has a correct image so you know what you are buying!
    Black Plastic-gate: An Explanation...

    As you may be well aware the whole "Black Plastic Gate or Blasticgate" issue. Figures getting paint chipped off and all that.

    The culprit is not the paint OR the plastic. It's having figures molded in strange colors and then painted.

    Look at the left image, the one labeled as a custom. That is Bow's crotch repainted. Some of the REALLY Dark Purple (almost black) has chipped/scraped off and you can see the color from the molded plastic underneath (Blue). What's happening to the Vykrons, Dragon Blaster Skeletors, Mekanecks, etc is EXACTLY THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO THAT CUSTOM FIGURE!!
    The paint is being rubbed off/scraped off by the friction from the joints.
    What the customers really want is for the figures to be molded in the appropriate colors as much as possible in order to display the figures and use the articulation points as intended!
    For example:
    If it's a Skeletor figure then, he should have his arms, legs and torso molded in that nifty Skeletor Blue. (maybe have a little paint airbrushed for shading)but not have him molded in Mosquitor Black or Human Flesh colors (pale or dark skinned) and then have Faker Blue paint caked on the toy. Because the moment the paint starts peeling or chipping off we're going to see the weird color underneath. The only way to prevent that (on future figures) is to have as many parts as possible molded in the correct colors.

    That's pretty much the issue from the Customer side. Paint + Areas where parts rub against each other = BAD!

    I hope this may help to solve the issue of "Blacksticgate"

    I'm honestly not what your specific question is, but we noted at Power Con resolutions to both issues!
    she ra question for you tg

    I am surprised a certain she ra figure hasn't shown up this isn't another glimmer request.I am talking of castaspella.wasn't she your favorite tg? Oh and thanks for doing frosta( my fave she ra friend) and that beautiful Octavia coming up.

    MOTUC is not Scott's line. There is only one figure in 5 years that I put in because I wanted him and that was Carnivus. Everyone else has been based on fan demand and balancing the line year to year to get the most characters out there. More POP are coming!
    Weapons pack and Teela re-release

    The armor/weapons from the upcomming Weapons Pack will sure give us new display options for Teela. To have a re-release of the figure would be great.

    We've tried second runs in the past and they have not been as popular. So to answer the question, no, we are not going back into production on Teela.
    Refund for Frosta: how and when?

    I read somewhere that due to some assembly problem with Frosta, Matty would offer subscribers the possibility to ask for a refund on this figure. How and when will this be done?

    Also, if someone prefers the refund instead of the figure, will he/she get the special gift Mattel announced to compensate subscribers for this issue?

    We had hoped to offer that but it wasn't working. So after you get your Frosta if you want to return it for a refund just contact customer service. But keep in mind there won't be another version of Frosta coming. This is it. So if you return her you will be Frosta-less.
    Question about Choloh?

    It has been 30 years since we have heard the name Choloh, who had no background info ever, and now he was mentioned in the bio for Vykron. What made you bring back that name after all these years?

    It was fun.
    I was just coming to say what that guy said!

    Rattlor looks far better in the pic on the page announcing the sale than any other pic I've seen of him! We getting that armor? Please say that we are!

    No. We noted this at SDCC when we reveled the figure. Every scale on Rattlor was a deco hit and that made him way more expensive than we had anticipated so the armor was cut very early on. The wrong image was used on the sale page but we'll get that corrected ASAP. Sorry for the confusion!
    Rattlor Armor: Weapons Pak Armor vs MYP Variant

    Here's a suggestion...

    Rattlor with his armor and no bracers and boots is like putting a chest harness on Oo-Lar and calling it a He-Man figure.

    Instead of only putting the armor in a future Weapons Pak, make a non-sub variant using existing parts for those of us who would pay for a MYP Rattlor. By using the Snake Man-At-Arms and Battleground Evil-Lyn treatment, you get to re-use that nearly 100% Rattlor buck again, instead of never re-using it again.

    This doesn't have to be an immediate thing, but a suggestion.

    Doing this would require a new sku and at this point we are going to use every sku we can to maximize characters. While we do want to find a way to release the armor one day, doing an all new Rattlor isn't as likely.
    How much consideration is given to overloaded months?

    Is the topic of overloaded months for subscribers of multiple properties ever brought up in meetings? Please don't take this the wrong way because I know schedules are posted and we know what is coming well in advance, so planning our budget isn't really a huge problem, but I'm just curious if these conversations take place between the people handling each brand and then looked at with the release schedule for all brands in mind.

    I also understand that as we get later in the year items have to ship within the calendar year if they are a 2012 SKU, but even then why release new items like the DC All-Stars and MOTUC Weapons pack during a month that already has multiple releases?

    Trust me, I love having new items for all of the brands, just kind of stinks when there is so much awesomeness in one month. First world problem I guess!

    Also, thanks because I honestly love the product you guys are putting out and the passion you guys have for the properties certainly is evident!

    2012 did not ship as intended. We tried very hard to spread items out evenly but that didn't work out as well as we had hoped due to schedule logistics. Overloading the months wasn't the intent, but it happens.
    Rattlor in 200X armor on the News post...

    All reviews and teasers have shown Rattlor with no armor. On the News post right here on, he is shown with his 200X armor on. I'm not a Hate-Or but man, the left hand needs to learn what the right hand is doing. This kinda stuff feels like a thumb to the eye sometimes.

    So I guess my question is...what's up with that?

    We used the wrong image. It happens. I've already asked the team to correct it. Should be removed by the AM. Rattlor does not come with the armor. We couldn't afford it as noted when we revealed him at SDCC. He has a ton of deco. Every scale was a deco hit!
    How much longer?

    How much longer will you guys have the essentials on sale for cause i havent yet doubled up on any figures yet so whats the deadline? For these figures

    Most essential items will be up until they are sold out. We won't be going back into production. Even on He-Man.
    The forums app for the iphone

    I downloaded the app on my iphone thought it would be more convienant for me cause i constantly look at the forums and so with that being said when it ask me to log on the app its saying that its a invalid user name and password i tried several different possibilities trying to logon but nothing didnt work

    Something we'd love to do. Just no plans to announce yet.
    Kay-La from Son of He-man

    In looking at .Org Kay-La was Man-At-Arms(Duncan) niece, with the story forever changing could Kay-La be Clamp Champ's daughter?

    If you get time check out CC Page to read my ideal about it.

    Keep reading the bios! (and mini comics...)
    if we ever make it too free amazon shipment

    if we ever make it too free amazon shipment , would international fans get it too ?

    The future holds many possibilities and we are always looking for the best options.
    Why not use Vykron's package for the FIghting Foe Men to save us A LOT on shipping?

    People(fans of the figures or not) are feeling the sting of this price tag, so why not help ease that a bit with lower shipping?

    Also, thanks for setting up the Castle Grayskull pre-order!!!

    It won't fit three figures. The armor takes up less space than a figure.
    Efforts are Clear. And Appreciated.

    If I'm going to complain when I feel unsatisfied, I should praise when I feel grateful.

    The SDCC reveals, while cool, were a little odd. Now, looking at 2nd Quarter 2013 combined with 1st Quarter, it is obvious that the focus has shifted from the 2012 30th Anniversary vintage-heavy model to a more robust, all-inclusive approach. Thank you! (But PLEASE keep it up!)

    Frosta's forearms - Well, that sucks. But major props for giving subscribers a bonus apology item. Thank you!

    Keldor's swords - It was a little weak sauce, but collectors like factory errors as a general rule, so it's kinda cool. Plus, it was really awesome of Mattel to help the Power Con promoters work through their sales slump. Thank you!

    Subscriber e-mail - Stuff often gets posted when it shouldn't (like the Snake Men and DB Skeletor), so it was REALLY cool that subscribers got the Power Con reveal e-mail just as the con attendees sat down for the Matty panel. It really enhanced the excitement for those of us watching from home. Thank you!

    Castle Grayskull - You are giving customers the pre-order they begged for. What happens next is on us. Thank you!

    Question: If preorders on Grayskull prove successful, might this be a way to get other large-scale items...or even figures, if the sub goes away in 2014?

    If CG sales go well, yes it "might" open the door for more. But nothing planned right now.
    Castle Grayskullman in Castle Grayskull

    I think it would be awesome if there was a spot to keep Castle Grayskullman integrated into the design, like in a chamber or false wall...maybe a molded section of wall or something. I know it's a shot in the dark with trying to keep to the original concept and keeping costs down, but it's something to consider!

    That would be cool but lets hold off on CG questions until after NYCC!
    canon question proyect photog

    Hi scott, thanks for the big reveales in powercon! amazing all of them.

    I want to know if we are going to know more about this proyect and this image.
    thanks for your time, you do an amazing work scott. thanks!

    (Click on Title Link to see Image)

    Only time will tell. This was a "joke" mission badge Terry made, but I thought it was so cool we through it in the case!
    Will Netossa's Lowe Legs be Corrected?

    At Power Con, the sample Netoss figure on display had reversed calves.

    Are Scott and Reuben aware that they are reversed??

    Often display case samples are assembled incorrect in the rush to get them ready for a con! Not to worry, we got this one.
    Vykrons former adversaries

    This hasn´t been covered in Vykrons bio, and for some reason I doubt we´ll be seeing many more bios of this particular era of MOTUC lore, so...:

    Who were Vykrons previous adversaries in the arena? I mean, where did his space suit and the tanktop armor come from?
    As I don´t really enjoy displaying the same character twice (or even three times) in my layout, I wanted to create Vykron´s enemies using those extra armor pieces, making them into characters of their own. Any "suggestion" which base figures (or even certain parts of various figures) I could use for this task? I´m sure I could come up with some designs of my own, but I like to think that there is an "official idea" as to how they looked before meeting Vykron ;-)

    Insert coin, select answer number 4:

    "Keep reading the bios and mini comics!"
    Netossa's legs

    Does Netossa use the original female thighs or the BG Teela ones, and can you look into her shins, the appear to be reversed.

    Just like Mosquitor, early display case samples are often not final!
    Inapprehensible Shipping Costs

    The calculating of your shipping costs is not logic. It seems to be randomly.

    Many of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures share the same packaging size and almost same weight. But they differ from each other, in some cases extremely. Here are some examples:

    Battle Cat (2.13 lbs) on average costs 88 % more than Panthor (2.22 lbs).
    Gygor (2.60 lbs) on average costs 76 % more than Shadow Beast (2.41 lbs).
    Griffin (2.69 lbs) on average costs 21 % more than Swiftwind (2.33 lbs).
    Tytus (2.65 lbs) on average costs 25 % more than Megator (2.67 lbs).
    Snake Mountain Stands (0.44 lbs) on average costs 46 % more than Castle Grayskull Stands (0.50 lbs).

    As you can see, this can't be correct if you check it yourself with common sense. Is there a chance, that we will see the shipping costs corrected in the future?

    Sorry, but I don't control shipping costs, this forum is for brand and product questions.
    Point dread and talon fighter

    Was there and action feature with it i cant remember and toyguru thank you so much for a castle grayskull it has been a demand since day one now is the castle going to have a handle on it like the vintage?

    There was no action feature on the vintage Point Dread. It did connect to the vintage castle.
    My contribution back to Matty

    I just had a random idea that I felt I could throw out for you to give back to the MOTUC community.
    With SDCC being planned now, an your looking for somethin lite on tooling costs, to help with savings on costs across the board.
    Here is a very easy MOTUC figure to make, that would work VERY well as a not 100% "have to have" SDCC exclusive MOTUC figure, an wont incite a riot with the MOTUC fans... lol.

    (Click on Title Link to see Image)

    Required Parts list
    [Premade] Heman v1 torso, abs, both full arms, upper legs
    [premade] Demo man shins
    [premade] Eternos Palace/filamtion King Randor feet

    "Newly needed parts"
    [when I refer to "digitally edited part". I am refering to how the Man-At-Arms mustache was digtially added on to the younger Decker's head]
    [digital edited part] Head = Use Demo man horned helmet skull accessory - [digitally cover/replace skull with "either heman or Vykron face".

    [digital edited part] Weapon = use Vykron's axe [ditally remove Vykron axe bladed top and replace with Heman axe sculpted blade top.

    Done... new concept figure and gets use another new MOTUC concept figure that would work very well as a SDCC exclusive.

    Keep up the great work Mad Matty Crew!!

    A cool idea but no plans at this time.
    For TG - Grayskull's Point Dread

    Hey TG, could you please remind the 4H/desing team, to desing the tower of castle grayskull to be compatible with a future and hipotetical "point dread" attachment?? maybe you could even sculp/tool it with castle grayskull bugdet to save cost in a future realease of pont dread and Talon Fighter? Thanks for everything

    Lets keep all CG ideas and feedback until AFTER you see the drawing at NYCC. That drawing should answer a lot of questions.
    How about a 3rd side for Castle Grayskull?

    How about a 3rd side that flips in between the 2 original sides? It could just be a piece of sculpted/painted plastic (no moving parts, just the balcony and nothing on the back/inside of the castle). The attached picture shows the sides at 180 degrees rather than the normal 90 degrees.

    It would be really cool!

    (Click on Title Link to see Image)

    That would be cool, and we had to judge that vs. keeping the price under 300.00
    Castle Grayskull design choice

    What was the reason behind basing the CG design on the original toy prototype?
    On several fan polls (on for instance)the Filmation and the original Boxart version is clearly in the lead so wouldnt the best choice be to make a hybrid of these two?
    Keep up the great work and thanks for this amazing line!!

    A choice had to be made and because Classics is about getting to the ultimate version of vintage designs, we felt this would be the direction to go in. Never an easy choice!
    I would like to say thanks to Toyguru

    Toyguru, you may remember my post a while back about the black plastic issue. You have said you will look into it and I believe we have showed you and mattel the pics of the problem. I TRUST Ruben and Mattel to do the right thing.

    But the main reason I wanted to say Thank you was I was very happy with the reveals and especially Grayskull. I will again be buying 2 to support the line even with a new baby on the way. I hope it makes the pre-order and maybe we can finally get a needed Snake mountain. (Here's to crossing my fingers).

    I think you are trying Scott and I applaude you in that. I just wish Mattel actually listens and do what is right.

    So Thank you.

    You are most welcome!
    Toyguru didn't miss his Appointment !!

    As discussed at Power Con, here is the picture of your appointment !
    I shared it over facebook and over the world MwhAhAhahaAHa

    (Click on Title Link to see Image)

    I always keep my appointments!
    Ram Man 2013

    He looks terrific! Personally, I would like to see him with longer legs, ala the vintage mini comic depiction. Has there been any consideration for this or an additional set of legs in package? Or two versions for sale?

    No. There is only one version of Rammy.
    Question About the Old Roadmap

    I just got finished reading the 3rd mini comic for the 8th time today. I really love how everything was handled, especially the reveal of 'you know who'. It's really gotten me interested in where MOTUC could go beyond just the vintage figures. And seeing the He-Ro faction sticker led me to the He-Ro bible that nicely continued the legend of He-Man.

    So my question is, did the original roadmap planned out until 2016 include characters such as Dare and new He-Ro that would have pulled the story out into a new generation?

    And if so, what needs to happen theoretically to get those characters back on track if they are no in danger due to the revised road map, which it sounds like they are? Is new media the answer? Or just plain and simple more subs sold?

    2013 is untouched from the "original roadmap" and includes "King He-Man", so that should answer your question.
    Extra castle grey skulls

    Will there be day of sale castle grey skulls or is the preorder the only way

    Right now, it is preorder only. Things could change, but if you are waiting for a day of you may miss out (it may also go up in price from the preorder, if (and that is a BIG IF) there are any day of).
    thanks ToyGuru!

    Even on your weekend off you're answering questions! Just a quick thank you for taking the time to address issues.

    We missed Ruben at Power Con. Will he be at NYCC?

    Ruben was at Power Con all day Sunday. He will not be at NYCC.
    My Subscription Page- Progress Update?

    Scott, in one of your recent video posts you mention that the 'My Subscription' page should be live in several weeks... if not by early 2013. I'm just checking in to see how things are progressing in the beta test stage? Are you ready to roll this puppy out to the masses?

    With all due respect, it's been nearly a year with no (functioning) page, and although I acknowledge and respect the fact that you are dealing with a limited set of resources for such a development, testing, and implementation effort... I'm thinking that at this point it's about time to set this baby free and let it sink or swim. Otherwise you risk 'analysis paralysis'... while we your customers wait forever for you to get it juuuuuust right.

    We are in the last phases of testing now. We want to do all we can to ensure when it is up it works.
    Castle grayskull thermometer

    Is it possible to put a thermometer on castle grayskull preorder like you did with dc subs?

    Thank you very much for this oportunity to have castle grayskull. I hope it will be as close as the vintage as possible... I know you, your team and the 4 horseman will make an excelent job in it.

    As we noted in our Power Con panel, this is exactly what we are doing.

    Mods, please jump in on these already addressed questions.

    i was wondering where i can find a release schedule. I know that Frosta, King Randor Filmation, Mosquitor, and Grayskullman are all coming out this year but what months?

    Check out our Power Con fan panel for all the updates!
    Not Enough Sorceress?

    You keep asking people to buy "all in" subscription, but then we can't even complete our collection without paying $70 on eBay for a Temple of Darkness Sorceress? Why were so few made that you might not even have enough to offer online? I've bought a subscription every year since they were first offered, and as a subscriber, things like this are really obnoxious. With the other subscriber perks that Mattel only just figured out, how was a guaranteed Temple of Darkness Sorceress for subscribers not considered? I wish I could get Keldor's sword, too, but that's less essential as it's essentially just a defect.

    When we sold in the sub the last few years (during our SDCC panel) we made it very clear that there would be items not included in the sub.
    What's the difference...

    Between the design team and the Four Horsemen? I'm unclear where one's contribution ends and the other begins. Who dictates what?

    The Horsemen sculpt figures, the design team turns the sculpts into articulated action figures that also hit our cost targets.
    TOD Sorceress

    Just so I'm clear, is it 100% confirmed that there will be some stock left to sell on Matty of the Temple of Darkness Sorceress? With the sellout at Powercon I would just like to be certain this is the case.

    At this point we are not guaranteeing their will be stock on but we hope so.
    Black Plastic

    When you mentioned tha after Dekker the black plastic issue will be solved you mean that the figures will be molded in their
    base color? Thank you

    Many methods will be used, but I did pass to design that fans would prefer not to use black as a base color when possible. This does not mean you won't see black, but I did pass along the suggestion.
    i am the 5th person to ask about the unaddressed Netossa lower leg swap

    Can we please get an update on this?

    Fans want silver instead of light blue.
    Fans wanted a working net.
    Fans wanted the headdress.
    Fans want her scallops on her bracers painted blue to match the boots.

    Now fans have to be concerned that the first PoP character after the potentially defective and shortchanged Frosta might be misassembled too? Please understand why fans want immediacy in an update. It's not being entitled, but you need to allay the worries of a jaded PoP community.

    Any update, even stating you are aware, would be appreciated.

    Remember you can push her back to fix if needed ...we have Ram Man :-)

    So...what is the update?

    I'd love to be able to give fans everything they want. But alas that just isn't how the world works.

    Her feet are being reviewed by design. Colors and other accessories are not as easy to adjust and to manage expectations, there won't be changes to these.
    fisto's fist

    since fisto's fist is removable can we get a vac metal one in a weapons pack

    You could, but we have no plans right now.
    October sale?

    Only 14 days away, and I still don't see the offical sale announcement. Is it coming today? Very curious about whatever reissues you guys have for the month.

    You guys always know we get it up before the sale. We're a little booked with Power Con and NYCC this month but it's coming.
    NYCC 2012

    Will there be a new figure to show at NYCC this year? and if so, how many?
    thanks for this amazing collection!

    Hopefully we'll have 1 or 2 more figures to show. (it hasn't been that long since Power Con!)
    Animated She-Ra Series

    Fans are stating that, according to Ian Richter at Powercon, there are big plans for a She-Ra animated series with Dreamworks. Any info or truth to this?

    There are zero plans for this.
    Is Karatii's Shoulder armor upside down

    If you look at the vintage ficgure the shoulder armor has the round part on top and the flat part on the bottom.

    However, at Powercon the figure has the armor on the shoulder to that the flat part is basically on top.

    Is this on purpose?

    (Click on Title Link to see Image)

    The hand painted model at Power Con was put together in the case incorrectly.
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