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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC Mini-Comic Q&A Thread 2012 (SPOILERS)

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    Toyguru MOTUC Mini-Comic Q&A Thread 2012 (SPOILERS)

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC Mini-Comic Q&A thread!

    I made a separate thread from the October thread because when Toyguru clarifies things from the mini-comic series, the answers and the fan response to those answers will spoil the surprise for those fans who didn't receive Dragon Blaster Skeletor yet.

    If you don't have the last mini-comic and don't want to be spoiled, leave the thread!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Eternia Post Second Ultimate Battleground

    With He-man and She-Ra chasing after Skeletor and Hordak dying in the Second Ultimate Battleground, do we get to see the continuing story of the 'leftover' heroic and evil warriors left behind on Eternia?

    Would Clamp Champ be leading the Heroic Warriors against Beast Man and the Evil Warriors? Would they be having tea parties together? Will the bio's cover this period in Eternia?

    Sorry to sound repetitive, but...

    Keep reading the bios!

    OLD STUFF!!!

    3rd Mini Comic Ultimate Battleground

    in the awesome 3rd minicomic included in DB Skeletor, there's shown a generic Andreenoids warrior right next to buzz off which has the same look of the 200x Buzz Off. Is there's any chance to see it in motuc version since he appears in the minicomic? I'm sure there's no plan right now, but my question is if one character have an appearance in the minicomic does it necessary menas that the chances to see it in motuc increase?

    I suppose anything is possible, but nothing to confirm now.
    The Spell of Separation separated the snakemen due to their hybrid nature. Why it did not have an effect on Skeletor? (Hybrid nature due to being half gar, half whatever Demo-Man is)
    Depowering Evil-Lyn

    Why does the New Sorceress depower Evil-Lyn during the Second Ultimate Battleground when at that point both are allies?

    The bios state that Evil-Lyn finds herself allied with Skeletor before she is stripped of her powers. But according to the Comics Skeletor and the New Sorceress are as well allied at that point (Skeletor's betrayal happens later)

    Many events including alliance changes happened between pages and even panels. Plus in the big picture, as Teela noted, Evil Lyn had long abused her powers brining great evil back to Eternia. Teela was doing what she needed to protect Eternia.
    NA Trilogy & SOHM Trilogy in upcoming mini comics?

    Are there more mini comics coming?

    I think SOHM is a good way to attempt to carry the "brand narrative" forward AFTER NA is "depleted". 2013 and 2014 seem to focus on all of the figs that were characters in the first mini comic trilogy - which includes GR/POP, POG and MOTU characters. The next set of mini comics SHOULD focus on the NA story (which should stay very close to the MOTU roots). During that time, we will get an influx of NA and NA influenced characters - like NA She-Ra (I can see her as a sub exclusive). With the NA story arc unfolding, MOTU, NA and POP will have strong representation in the line. Perhaps 1 fig a year will be SOHM, which will likely be the next and final story arc.

    Right now, no plans for more minis beyond the single 2013 comic.
    3rd Mini-comic Mekaneck question

    If the Snake Men's DNA was split apart with the Spell of Separation, then was Mekaneck saved and restored to normal?

    Mekaneck was changed into a Snake Man, not a Snake Man that was created. The Spell didn't kill him, but it didn't change him back either.
    After the war

    Loved the mini-comic, cant wait to read the one with King He-Man.

    After the war in the 3rd mini-comic and the death of Duncan still fresh in his mind will Clamp Champ retired from being a Master due to the death of Man-At-Arms? Is that when King He-Man sent for Sir Laser Lot?

    There are decades between the Ultimate Battle Ground and King He-Man's time. For now, we are leaving it there.
    Did any Great Rebellion characters perish during the Second Ultimate Battleground?

    You don't have to reveal who died (if anyone), but did She-Ra lose any of her forces in that great battle?

    Their were a lot of casualties on all sides. Lets leave it there for now...
    Bio Question: About Stratos...

    Are you going to eventually reveal who killed Stratos or how he died?

    You saw what Strotos was up against when he and the Avion Army swept into the Second Ultimate Battleground. The details are yet to be revealed!
    Kobra Khan and the Spell of Separation

    Since Khan is a "puny descendant" of the true Snake Men, was he destroyed along with the ancient Snake Men or did the spell not effect him?

    Yes, he also had his DNA pulled apart.
    Ultimate Battlegrounds duration

    About how many hours did both Ultimate Battlegrounds go on for? Battles that epic would seem like they would have gone on for days, considering the might of all of the characters involved.

    Yeah, definately longer than the few panels we had to work with. A lot happened between pages as well as between panels!
    Comic #3 spoiler question redux.

    Well that was embarrassing. Let's try this again. Snake Mechanek. How the heck did that happen? Figure possibility?

    See the comic book based on episode 40 of the 200X series for all the details!
    Evil-Lyn's allegiance: Mini Comic vs Bios

    I have a question on the MOTUC canon:

    In the bios it says:
    "After Randor and Miro returned from Despondos, the Three Towers rose and Evil-Lyn found herself again allied with Skeletor during the Second Ultimate Battleground."

    But the 3rd Minic Comic clearly shows Evil-Lyn fighting against Skeletor and his Evil Warriors during the SUB.

    Can you clarify what is correct?

    PS: And do I get this right? She releases Hordak, but then joins Skeletor again and releases Gygor to help him, only to then betray him again and join Hordak before the SUB?

    Both are correct. As the battle raged on and warriors fell on both sides, alliances came and went based on the heat of battle. Events took place both between pages and between pannels in the 3rd mini. 12 pages was not enough to tell this epic battle so we had to pick and choose what events we showed.
    [SPOILER] About the fantastic 3rd Mini Comic : 2nd Ultimate Battleground.

    I read a lot of times the mini comic and I can say loudly: it's awesome. Even my wife (not really he-fan) loves it! So, congrats.

    The big gun of Skeletor is totally awesome! Where does it come from? Is it coming from a vintage art that I don't know, from a part of the canon not yet revealed or is it a brand new cool idea?
    I would love to get this gun one day released in the MOTUC line. Maybe with TC Skeletor or NA Skeletor?! Big Grin

    I hope we can consider the awesome double picture frames with all characters as characters on the top list for 2013 and beyond.
    I REALLY WANT THEM ALL, and especially PRAHVUS and KING MIRO :-)
    I even saw Evil seed in the bottom hihihihi


    Comic books are a visual medium. The gun was a visual way of reminding the reader that Skeletor's powers are reduced (as noted in issue 1) and he is forced to use a non traditional weapon to keep up.
    Skeletor's gun

    is there any chance we could get that cool gun Skeletor has in the third mini comic?

    That would be a cool accessory. No plans to announce right now.
    3rd Mini-Comic

    I just wanted to post a thank you for that EPIC conclusion. I just got my September shipment and tore into that comic right away. I am floored at how many characters (especially Great Rebellion) you were able to get into those spreads. I also want to thank you for the prominent role that She-Ra was given. I hope you can some day get to an additional comic showing the "new adventures" of He-Man and She-Ra. At any rate, great job and keep up the positive direction this line is going in!

    I hope so too! We had to maximize the very few pages and panels we did have. One day it would be great to do more.
    3rd mini comic question

    What happened to Hordak? As buzz saw he hits skeleton in the back then skeleton changes to NA and leaves for space

    He was killed by Skeletor's spell (but not before unleashing one final attack!)
    Great black wizard?

    Will we know more about him? Could he be a candidate for a Motuc figure? He looks awesome!

    Ready for it.....

    Keep reading the bios (and mini comics)!
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