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I agree. This new telling of the story with wanton bloodshed just isn't what Masters of the Universe was all about, ever. There was PLENTY of room for moving the story forward (and backward) in this line by expanding on New Adventures, Powers of Grayskull, and King He-Man/Son of He-Man. Killing off characters so far seems to be just for the sake of shock value and being "edgy." New Advenutes is in space. Have most of the original cast stay behind on Eternia. Done. Line moved forward. Tell more tales of King Grayskull from the Powers of Grayskull era. New characters. New stories. Done. King He-Man exists several decades in the future. Many characters are now elderly and retired or passed away. New Characters. New stories. Done. We love this property not in spite of the Filmation series, but BECAUSE of it. We KNOW this is a celebration of a children's toyline. I can still cherish and collect these figures without feeling embarassed by a children's cartoon/30-minute commercial series from the mid 80's. What has so far been a bumpy but enjoyable ride with MOTUC now just seems to have gone terribly sour in the very year it was supposed to celebrate 30 years of fandom. Iconic characters are being discarded with little thought, in some cases, their very heroic natures are being trashed and devalued. We've got several incoming figures over the next year or two that are already DOA. I'm not very excited about adding corpses to my display shelf.
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End of debate
Calix was killed by Hordak for speaking up.
Pre-Filmation had He-Man slaying the Glorm in the Ram Man mini-comic.
King Grayskull died while banishing Hordak in MYP.
Zodak's brother was eaten by King Hsss in MYP.
Evil Warriors slew Palace Guards in MVC's 200X comics.

We've had death in MOTU before. Mind you, not with any major characters. I do agree that these deaths seem to be shock value deaths, moreso than a well-written, natural outcome.