Hey all. So, another member just clued me into the fact that TOD Sorceress is available next Wednesday, a day before NYCC, at the MOTU Art Festival in NY.

I loathe comic conventions, but enjoy art shows--therefore I am definitely going.

I will pick up as many of the figures as they are willing to sell me, so if you want one PM me.

Here are the rules:

I will offer them to members in the order that PMs are received until everyone who wants one has one, or I run out. Post in the thread, too, as that can't hurt--but I will be going in order of PMs received.

I don't know how many they will have, so it may be only a few or it might be a bunch. I would ask that if you ask to be added to my list, you are committed to buying the figure if I get you one. I will message everyone Wednesday night to let them know what I was able to get, so that if you need to make an alternate plan you will have time to do so.

I will charge cost + shipping. If you can afford to add a few bucks for my expenses, I wouldn't say no. However, if funds are limited, I will happily charge only cost + shipping. Do whatever works for you.

Finally, I might still end up going to NYCC, despite not having any real desire to do so, if I get dragged by some of my friends. So it's possible that I may get more figures there if enough people need them.

I also have no problem shipping to our international friends--and "mail fraud" is my middle name so you won't be paying any customs fees.