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Thread: Stasis Ray Version 1 -vs- Version 2

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    Stasis Ray Version 1 -vs- Version 2

    A lot of people have been asking me what's the difference is between these 2 version. So I took a picture to show them both together. The Classics first release Man-at-arms is holding the new one (version2) while the 200x man-at-arms is holding version 1.

    Version 1 matches the cartoon closer then version 2 does, but to make the handles wide enough for a figure to hold them both it made the entire unit very large.

    Version 2 - Has the main unit smaller while maintaining the same grip distance between the two hands. Also the feet are larger so the device can stand on it's own.
    (The smaller size of version 2 makes it about $6 less on shapeways too.)

    Version 2 full 360:

    Anyway let me know what you think of the 2 different versions, here's the cartoon picture for reference:

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    I think they are both cool. But I must say, the ability for it to stand on its own makes Version 2 stand out to me. But, version one looks cool with it's larger size, but number 2 is more sleek in it's smaller size. If I had to pick one for my collection though, I would go with version 2.

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    Good one!
    I would also pick version 2.

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    version 2 sleek and more cartoon accurate. Awesome job

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    Both are amazing. But I think version 2 captures the filmation style better.

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