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Thread: 10/15 Sale Announced - Cy Chop, Rattlor, Frosta - BA HE-MAN/KING GRAYSKULL/TRAP JAW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    Beat me to it....
    Top MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Great Black Wizard, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah, Lady Slither, Tuvar & Baddrah 2-pack, "new" characters as designed by Axor (Axel)

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    nice to have a cheap month

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    Needs me a weapons pal, am away in Belfast though, will have to find a wi fi hotspot
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    Hey everyone, we've updated our photo archives with a few figures that go up for sale next week. Here are my thoughts on the stuff I got to snap.

    Yes, the hair and clothing are too dark, but honestly the figure looks amazing next to She-Ra! Full photo gallery can be seen here

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    This one really grew on me. The color palette is a vast improvement to the one on Sir Laser-Lot and for some reason I like the choice of legs/feet. Molarentist::Cy-Chop:Barber. I didn't have a Grizzlor readily available, otherwise I would have set up a photo with our MOTU version of Edward Scissor Hands giving Grizzlor a trim. Cool addition to the line IMO. Full photo gallery can be seen here

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    The figure of the Oct 15 three I was looking forward to most and am happy with, but it didn't exceed my expectations like Cy-Chop and Frosta (both of which I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do) did. A perfect fit displayed with the rest of the Snake Men. Maybe I would have liked Rattlor better if he came with armor Full photo gallery can be seen here

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    I. LOVE. THE. ORB. DISPLAY. BASE. That is all. Well... that and the full photo gallery can be seen here

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    according to the news release for this month's sale we are supposed to start renewing and shipping tomorrow.

    Hopefully that's correct


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    I'm going t be sooo broke. Not only getting my sub figures, but also the weapons pack as well as a BA He-Man. It's about time they reissued him.

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