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Thread: Weapons and Misc. Items for Sale:

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    Weapons and Misc. Items for Sale:

    Weapons and Misc. Items for Sale:

    PM if interested and we’ll negotiate a price (looking to get between $20 to $25 each for Dragon Walker and Stridor. $25 for the Weapons Lot probably. $15 each for Man-at-Arms and Evil-Lyn. Around $30 for Roton. $35 for Blasterhawk or somewhere near that price). Again, I'm negotiable on the prices. Offers good for inner 48 U.S. residents only. Paypal “gift” payment accepted. Thanks for looking! See attached photos.

    Loose Complete Blasterhawk (very nice condition/ only two stickers show wear)
    Loose Complete Man-at-Arms (Vintage- excellent condition) *SOLD*
    Loose Complete Evil-Lyn (Commemorative Series release- excellent condition) *SOLD*
    Stridor (item in unopened condition, box in poor shape) *SOLD*
    Dragon Walker (item in unopened condition, box in poor shape) *SOLD*
    Roton (item unopened, cardboard box in great shape, but plastic bubble in poor shape) *SOLD*

    *Stridor and Dragon Walker would be great for someone looking to throw away the box and have a nice item. Roton’s box is in great shape and the plastic bubble could be replaced to make for a nice boxed item for display.

    Weapons Lot (not to be broken up- will sell these as a whole) *SOLD*

    Weapons Lot contains:

    Man-E-Faces Gun (x2)
    Webstor Gun
    Teela Shield
    Battle Cat Helmet
    Tri-Klops Sword
    Grey Horde Crossbow
    Man-at-Arms Chest Armor
    Stratos Red Chest Harness
    Beast Man Red Chest Armor
    Fisto Chest Armor (x2)
    Roboto Ax & Laser Gun Attachments
    Zoar Armor
    Sy-Klone shield
    Two-Bad (has stress mark on clasp)
    Tung Lashor Snake Staff
    Rattlor Snake Staff

    Attached Images Attached Images
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