Now bear with me here, I made a few mistakes along the way:

If you had Dragon Blaster Skeletor when you were knee high to a grasshopper, then you probably remember removing the chain and using it for EVERYTHING. Well, I did. Beside the point, however. The chain came off, and I liked that feature! It allowed me to at least get close to Skeletor just using that armor...though the dragon would always be attached.

Imagine my excitement when I found out the MotUC figure would have a detachable dragon!

...then imagine my annoyance when I found out that they made the chain non-removable.

Back to square one, but worse! Not only was everything attached, but the chain was too short for the dragon to even go off on his own (never mind that he's technically not posed to do so either). Now I had to turn on my feeble brain and begin to storm, which is just all sorts of WORK.

My first "brain storm" was to cut.

Yay! The lock was now like the vintage lock with one simple cut, and the chain was now detached! However, I couldn't get the big loop through the hole in the armor.....soooo, I bent the loop, took off the chain, and removed it! That created a new problem...the chain was too big to get back through the hole in the armor without some sort of tool! ANNOYANCE ABOUNDS! What to do?

Buy a smaller chain! But I still needed one end to have nothing on it so I could get it through the armor. An attachment was needed!

Viola! No wait, that's some stringed instrument...Voilą! There we go. Gotta work on my French.

Anyway, the smaller chain can simply be lowered through the hole in the armor (just like the vintage figure) and then the other end can be attached to the necklace clasp on the dragon! Now keep in mind that the cutting I did to the dragon's collar and lock were unnecessary. When I realized what I wanted to do (after the cutting...) it was only to bend the big loop to get the original chain and lock off; no cutting necessary. 'Course I still like the lock like this, and there is really no damage to the collar since the cut at the very top won't let the chain get loose.

So lets boil this down:

- Take two pairs of pliers (I used needlenosed ones) and grab and bend the big loops open. You can get it off the dragon's neck that way (though you'll need to bend it WIDE to get it off there, which is why I didn't mind the cut) and you can get the lock and chain off.

- Bend the loop on the end with the wrist clasp as well to get the chain off that end.

- Buy some appropriate chain at Michael's or some such hobby store.

I thought this still looked good while being small enough to drop right through the armor.

- Buy a necklace clasp, most likely in the same isle as the chain.

- Put the necklace clasp in the loop on the collar and close it up, then put one end of the chain on the loop attached to the wrist and close that up!

- Now all you need to do is feed the chain through the armor and hook it into the clasp on the neck of the dragon. The chain should JUST fit in there.

From then on out you can remove the chain as needed AND - since you got your own chain - you can add more to make it, you know, useful!

Remember: I'm a hack, so feel free to post your other ideas if you've found a better way to do the same thing! I have a feeling I did it in the quickest and dirtiest way possible, but it works!