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Thread: Terrell Owens to the Jets?

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    Terrell Owens to the Jets?

    I'd love to see this. He's a better receiver than any on the Jets' current roster. Say what you will about T.O., he always energized the game and he brought both personality and talent to the field. Kudos to him for a clever marketing angle with Twitter. I wish him the best.

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    I was just thinking the Jets don't have enough drama...

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    Doesn't matter who they sign if they can't find a QB to throw the ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCI Guy View Post
    I was just thinking the Jets don't have enough drama...
    Hahaha. So true.
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    Sorry guys.....

    Let's go Giants. They are the only team that should play in met life stadium.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTU_Maniac View Post
    Doesn't matter who they sign if they can't find a QB to throw the ball.
    or throw to the other team so they take it and run 90 yards to their goal with no opposition
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    They are pretty much in desperation mode, so this wouldn't surprise me. I don't think he has much to offer at this point in his career. It won't provide any benefit if he does come in.

    I think they are cooked for this year, they ought to start looking to the future and rebuilding.
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