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Thread: Would any customizer here create customs from other collections?

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    Would any customizer here create customs from other collections?

    Hi there,
    I dont know if I shoud post this thread here, if I've done it wrong, I apologize.
    I collect figures from a brand called: dai no daibouken, collection figures, which are more or less the size of a gijoe. It is a collection of toys representing the characters of a Japanesse animation series of Dragon Quest.
    The problem for me is that they released the most important figures but when they created the protagonist called Dai or Fly in Europe, they weren't as accurate as they were with the other characters that are perfect. I would want to have him made properly so, after having been here some time enjoying this amazing org and being impressed by the level of customization here, I would want to know whether anyone here could be able to make it for me.
    Thanks a lot for your attention. I show you some pics of the character. If Someone is interested we can talk about articulations, details and of course price.
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