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Thread: He-Man/BC Combo MATTY SALE!!! [10/12/2012 ONLY]

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    He-Man/BC Combo MATTY SALE!!! [10/12/2012 ONLY]

    MOTUC Fans,
    He-Man« is having a birthday and we’re celebrating at! It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed since The Most Powerful Man in the Universe« muscled his way into our world but it’s true… on October 12, 2012, He-Man« turns the big 3-0! We’re partying all day long with a special deal on Eternia’s favorite do-gooder duo:
    He-Man« Party Pak
    The Deal: Pay just $30 for BOTH He-Man« and Battle Cat«!
    Sale Starts: 12:01am ET on October 12
    Sale Ends: 11:59pm PT on October 12
    Only $30 for both He-Man« and his trusty ride Battle Cat«? That’s a deal that would make even grumpy old Skeletor« grin. At this special price, you’ll want to buy more than one pak – they make a great gift for new collectors and the holidays are right around the corner. But it’s only available for one day and one day only, so be there when the Shop opens on October 12th at 12:01am ET*!
    *While supplies last. Items are individually packaged and ship together in a single box. Shipping and taxes not included.

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    I got to say that is a dang good deal.
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    Sad it can't be combined with Monday's items or a sale on Skelly/Panthor, She-Ra/Swiftwind for a shipping discount. Shipping cost is a huge factor to consider when buying things on Matty.

    I'll have to get a set or two.

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    great deal, too bad it won't be a combo box like in the good ol days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    great deal, too bad it won't be a combo box like in the good ol days.
    Yeah I would love a gift pack like that.

    However, i may just get another set or two and give it to someone.
    I want NA Skeletor and Rio Blast and I want them now!

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    Nice, I can get the reissue He-Man for myself and give Battle Cat as a Christmas gift to the nephew.
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    Good deal. I may finally buy a Battle Cat.
    Just wish shipping could be combined with DoS items from the 15th.
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    My kids will love this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    great deal, too bad it won't be a combo box like in the good ol days.
    This, this, a thousand times this!!

    I've been asking for them to pack these two together for years...JUST LIKE I REMEMBER™. It's a quick and easy sell to make me (and I assume MANY others) buy the same thing again. All you need is a new window box, Matty. Come on do it up! I'd like to put a Classics 2 pack next to my Commemorative 2 packs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I would have purchased this, but I refuse to pay shipping and "Handling" charges, as well as tax in those charges THREE times in one month to Digital River.

    It's ridiculous at this point that customers don't matter to Mattel enough for them to insist that Digital River combine shipping for subscribers on day of and sub items.

    I'm paying shipping & handling on my Sub items, and on my day-of items.

    I won't do it again.

    Exactly! They seem to not consider the substantial cost of shipping. While it may be "separate" to them, to the purchaser, it's part if the cost of the item. Their order numbers for this set may very well have doubled if they allowed combined shipping with at least the DOS items.
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    So psyched great deal and I can finally get my battle cat and a spare he-man for good measure.
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    Just got mine and all the HM are very glossy and the one I opened as a spare had terrible ankles. My original one I bought was also a reissue but is much duller and tighter. When did they do the shiny paint? Also, one of them is doing the people's eyebrow.

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