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$28 shipping (normal way) to France for a combo set
Yes, equal to spain. The deal is not as good.

I tested to combine panthor and he-man, and both packaged 15$ to spain. So, something strange with 30th anniversary pack

he-man + battle cat 30$ + 28.80$ ship = 58.80$
he-man 22$ + panthor 33$ + 15.14$ ship = 70.14$

If you combine he-man and battlecat, without the pack the ship is 28.80$, does battlecat bigger than panthor?, jaja

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And it's easy to understand why...
those a$$es at DR made it so when you put the pack in your basket it counts as THREE items..shipping fees get higher as a consequence..
There's really no limit to these guys incompetence....they really should have been left out of the the birthday party...
No, that's not the problem. As i said, if you brought the two items separately, (2 items in the basket), the ship is 28$