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Thread: Depressed over She-ra not returning to Eternia with Adam.

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    My heart broke when Hordak took Adora away from her family the second time

    When Adora went through the portal back to Eternia with Adam and Cringer, Hordak turned himself into a rocket and made it through the shrinking portal by a split second. He just wouldn't let Adora go. Hordak was obsessed with Adora, in a sick way.

    Well, he succeeded once again in kidnapping her, with the help of Skeletor. Adora escaped, but the damage had already been done in Adora's mind.

    That's why Adora decided to go back to Etheria. King Randour even asked her if it was Hordak who was responsible for her choosing to leave Eternia by successfully invading the palace to get to her; Adora confirmed that that was the reason. She said that as long as she stayed on Eternia Hordak would come after her and not let her go, and she didn't want to put her loved ones at risk from the Horde.

    If Hordak would not have followed Adora to Eternia, Adora would have stayed on Eternia. It was rotten luck that Hordak was able to squeeze through the shrinking portal. It totally changed the course of Adora's life from family togetherness on Eternia back toward permanent separation and tragedy on Etheria. It broke the hearts of Adam and his mom and dad, to be reunited with Adora after all this time only to have her leave again due to Hordak being able to follow her to Eternia. What cruel twist of fate is this that the portal didn't close up before Hordak could reach it.

    This made my heart sink. It was frustrating and infuriating. It broke my heart. To think that Hordak, by barely making it through the portal back to Eternia by a split second, was able to draw Adora back to Etheria for good.

    Hordak permanently broke up the royal family; this time for good. He got the last laugh.
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