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Thread: Loose Stactions For Sale (Sssqueeze, King Randor) US Only

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    Loose Stactions For Sale (Sssqueeze, King Randor) US Only

    I have both Ssssqueeze and the Comic-Con Exclusive King Randor stactions up for sale.

    Ssssqueeze is in great condition, with base. The only flaw I can see is the "claws" on the tip of his hands are slightly curved to the side on each hand. Asking $28 total shipped.

    King Randor is in good condition, with base and packaging. His staff once broke in half and it is superglued together. It also came slightly warped/bent. Otherwise he's in good shape. Asking $25 total shipped.

    US only, PayPal marked as gift only. Will send photos to whoever is interested. Thanks!
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