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Thread: WTFWTK 2.89 - Ask your questions here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coptur View Post
    Have you got this confused with the Kevin Kosse helmetless head and Helmet??
    There is a picture on page 27 of the Power-Con thread. I am using my phone so I couldn't copy it for some reason. But it is from the Mattel booth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wundarwarrior View Post
    There is a picture on page 27 of the Power-Con thread. I am using my phone so I couldn't copy it for some reason. But it is from the Mattel booth.
    cool will have to have a look

    Just looked you're right and it looks cool
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    Now that tiered MOTU stands have been confirmed, has there been any thought to have different tiered stands available representing the various factions in MOTU (Snake Mountain tiered stands for the Evil Warriors, Fright Zone tiered stands for the Horde, etc.) ?

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    If and when you get to Multi-Bot, would you consider including the two extra heads from the Filmation She-Ra series? (which are similar to the original concept sketch for the Mattel toy)?

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    As a fan who plans to purchase 3 Castle Grayskulls (two for me and one for my nephew), I have a very specific question: Will you please consider "turning on the machines again" for Classic Teela and Scare Glow, as well as other essential figures like the Sorceress, all of whom would be considered integral to the playset for both collectors and their kids? Castle Grayskull will be expensive and the after market prices on the figures I mentioned make it very difficult to build a gift set, or even to complete an integral set for newer collectors who may be jumping onboard because of this amazing playset possibliity!
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    Is there a chance, if it's not too late, that you package Strobo with his gun instead of that green meteor that he comes with. makes more sense for him to come with an offensive weapon than a piece of rock that serves no purpose in the long run

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    Is it possible to create a limited articulated CG robot, who only has arm articulation, to be packed in CG? Maybe another alternative would be to have the helmet/head and the chest armor packed in so we can place it on almost any MOTUC figure. What are your thoughts?
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