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Thread: Dr No 50th anniversary !

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    Dr No 50th anniversary !

    October 5th , 1962......a milestone in movie history , the modern action hero was born !

    My italy 4sh sgd by Andress , wow (re-issue 1965 , only difference is red instead of yellow lettering , art by Ciriello)

    Quarrel (died 1965)
    Puss Feller (d. '87 , Oct 4th......almost on the anniversary too)
    prof Dent (d. '92)
    Leiter (d. '98 , the Lords were buddies of Elvis)
    singer Byron Lee (d. '08 , "Jump Up" is kinda the soul of the movie)
    Dr Julius No (d. '09)
    Ms Taro (d. '09)

    The regulars :

    "M" (d. '81)
    "Q" (d. '89......not Desmond but Peter Burton played the role in this one)
    Moneypenny (d. '07......14 films !)
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