So I was prompted to ask this question for a couple of reasons. After reading this week's WTFWTK, the last question dealt with which figures were truly 'gone for good' (i.e. we won't see them re-issued or ever sold again on Matty). There may be some confusion as to CS stock being sold and what constitutes a re-issue. In your minds, does a re-issue mean a figure that was produced again for sale or simply CS stock being sold again?

Either way you slice it, are there any figures you folks think are actually gone for good? Also, this is a point I need some clarification on. Didn't ToyGuru say last year that there would be no more re-issues following Man-E-Faces?

IF I had to guess, the figures that are probably sold out totally are Teela, King Randor, The Sorceress and Beast Man.