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Thread: Rank Scare Glow's Importance

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    Rank Scare Glow's Importance

    Next up is the ghoul with the glowing personality, Scare Glow!

    This is a multiple choice poll with 2 categories to vote in. The first category is whether or not you would buy a variant of this character. The second category is the overall importance you feel this character brings to the franchise.

    Variant worthy?

    Variant Worthy: This is a character that you believe is variant worthy. You're willing to purchase different variants of this character even if your favorite version is the first one released. Matty can certainly put them in MOTUC's quarterly variant slot for you.

    Not Variant Worthy: You don't feel this character needs any variants whatsoever. You only hope that when they make this character that they get them right the first time around. You do not want to be taken for the ass.


    A-List: Integral to the story and the franchise. MOTU isn't MOTU without them. This is a core character that is extremely important to you. If Mattel doesn't make them, someone will have some serious explaining to do!

    B-List: They might not be integral to the story in your eyes but this is an excellent supportive character that helps to round out the story, franchise and your collection.

    C-List: You feel this is a good guest star type of character. You don't expect to see them hanging around the supportive crew all the time but you still want to see them show up to lend a helping hand now and then.

    D-List: Fills the role of background character and cameo maker for you. You acknowledge their existence but in a very limited way. This is an "okay" character.

    Z-List: You'd rather forget about this character entirely. Should they never be mentioned again in MOTU-lore, you would be quite happy. This character would kill teh lien for you.
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    I think this guy is pretty much the definition of C-Lister, but man, is he cool!!

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    Well it all depends on your willingness to... elaborate.

    Or more colloquially, make stuff up like you did when you were a kid.

    The first time I found out Scare Glow existed, it was in a toy description archive online where he was described as "Evil Ghost Of Skeletor".

    Not knowing much about the character, since he's definitely enough of a C-Lister not to merit any real attention, I just figured it meant that he was Skeletor's ghost after Skeletor died somehow. Made sense that the totally evil Skeletor would not be put to rest by mere death.

    Scare Glow also has a pretty wicked skull fracture, so I just thought that must be how he died, He-Man must have axed him in the head or something.

    Of course it turned out, once the MOTUC version came out, that he was a ghost who worked for Skeletor. Much less cool.

    So the former struck me as a pretty important figure. The latter did not, except for his remarkably awesome appearance.

    I understand that my misinterpretation is not an uncommon one though. Oh well. Guess Scare Glow isn't too important. But I can always pretend. After all, all stories are imaginary, so you can decide for yourself what's important enough to count.

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    C list, but I'd love a living version of Karak Nul!
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    Same here, I want Karak Nul! Considering what led him to becoming Scare Glow, I think there's something that can DEFINITELY betaken away from it that can be of interest. I mean there's no real variant except his previous form...

    and I think that could possibly bolster him higher than C / B list!
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    Voted C list and variant worthy because I would like a living Karak Nul too.
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    He's one of the coolest figures ever and one of my favorite classics.......but I voted C-list and not varient worthy. He's perfect and I personally don't want to see him alive

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    Between B and C. He was one of the tall stand-outs at the end of the vintage run. I try not to judge characters solely based on when or where they first appeared. I voted B.

    I didn't consider Karak Nul a variant, so I voted no-variant. I'd love a KN figure though.

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    C List, variant worthy I suppose if they go with some kind of human/bounty hunter form....

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    B-List and Not Variant Worthy...a very cool looking figure but don't need any variants of him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zargon View Post
    Voted C list and variant worthy because I would like a living Karak Nul too.
    I said B-List, but variant worthy for the same reason.

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    variant worth. Much like Adam & Keldor (And Kronis) I love alteregos. I dont like variants, but I want Karak Null! Human pre-dead Scare Glow!

    Give me this. GIVE ME THIS! never happen...sigh....

    I voted B list, because I would love to see more of him. Him fullfilling his ursurping of Grayskull or just being awesome. Plus he's one of the coolest figures ever.

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    C-List and Not Variant Worthy.

    Great figure though as it is!

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    I voted C-List. Cool concept, but I think his importance fell when everyone was told he was NOT the ghost of a dead Skeletor, back from the grave in the future for spooky halloween fun. Still, very cool.

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    C-lister. A variant of him when he was still mortal would be cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    variant worth. Much like Adam & Keldor (And Kronis) I love alteregos.
    Me too. Totally agree! I would love to see Karak Null.

    B-lister for me cuz if he had came earlier in the MOTU canon and the original line, he would've made things interesting.

    He's become one of my faves in MOTUC, and am soooooooooooo glad I picked him up at Power-Con!
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    I voted C-List and Not Variant Worthy, but I sure hope to see him reissued!
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    No variant A-lister- c'mon, he glows and he's scary!

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