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    This was MY IDEA!

    A few years ago I thought of a great MMO loosely based on the Dino-Riders franchise, but taken to the next level, with a more futuristic, polished HALO look. I even made a thread about it here.

    The game was set in an alternate universe with two warring factions, and would feature fully customizable human soldiers (and Saurions, evolved reptilian humanoids) with classes (Commando, Engineer, Bio-Medic, Special Operative, Sniper, Explosives Expert, Bio-Hybrid, Dino Wrangler), weapons, skills, and fully customizable dinosaur mounts (species, colors, defensive and offensive abilities, speed) creating a very unique game play as your dinosaur mount would be just as important as the human character riding it, rather than just a means to move around the map (IE Warcraft and every other game with mount travel options). The dinosaurs would have different classes too, varied in size for special purposes.

    So for example, you could be a armored, decked out bruiser, zipping around on a Velociraptor, and if someone were to take out your dino, they would still have to contend with you. Or you could be a sniper, sitting atop an armored Triceratops, charging across the battlefield as you assassinate players with well placed head shots.

    If you chose a flying Pteranodon, you could be a swift nimble special operative, dropping right into the middle of battle to cut down your enemies, or never enter the fray, as an explosives expert, dropping a payload of death and gliding to safety. Not a fan of guns? Choose the Bio-Hybrid or Wrangler class, which focuses on tooth/claw, poison, ear splitting sonic screeches, and other natural forms of attack which are just as potent as any rocket launcher. Stalk your prey with natural camouflage, and your own herd of deadly dinosaur pets, killing your enemies with evolutions deadliest offensive weapons.

    I sent a proposition to Bioware, and of course, nothing came of it. It was a fantastic idea... and now here it is. Visually its seems more like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, and from what I garnered from this video, the mechanics are far more simple as it is a free to play game. It doesn't look like a terrible game, but my vision was so much, so much more...

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    Looks great! Don't it suck when that happens! When I was a kid I sent a letter to Nintendo with some drawings (for a class project) about doing a game with mario as a baby and using yoshi to ride on. Got a letter back saying thanks but we don't take unsolicited ideas and here's some free Nintendo swag. Couple years mario and yoshi in yoshi's island. Your welcome . Anyway, does look like a cool game none the less.

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