Hi everyone, I decided it's time to part with my collection after all these years! Stupid economy...

There are a BUNCH of pictures at:


Everything there is for sale, not just the MOTU stuff.

I would prefer to sell this all to one buyer so I'm willing to give a deep discount if you take everything.

20 vehicles and beasts
63 Figures (most complete) (he-man and she-ra)
19 cardbacks (most have been folded to fit into ziplock bag)
4 instruction books
Custom gold plated sapphire studded Sword of Protection
A slew of accessories to rare figs (randor cape), castle greyskull, snake mountain, crystal castle

For a quick estimate I'd say it would probably sell for $900 if I sold them individually. I'll sell them as a complete set for $700 OBO.

If sold individually almost every figure is $5 (incomplete figs) $10 (complete common) or $15 (complete rare, or incomplete rare. I.e. Snakeface, extendar, rio-blast, gwildor, saurod, squeeze).

The ones that I'm looking for a higher price on are:

Clamp Champ COMPLETE: $30
Mosquitor COMPLETE: $30
Rotar nearly complete, missing two axles from sword and has spotting on arm: $30
Scare-Glow COMPLETE (white scythe): $50
Blade: $20
Beastman w/original armor and weapons pack armor + 2 whips: $25
Prince Adam Complete: $25

Beasts and Vehicles
Battle Cat x2 complete: $25 each
Mantisaur Complete with gun and saddle (saddle is show in accessories picture not main pic): $25
Complete Stridor: $15
Dragon-Walker: $15
T-Rex incomplete: $10

All other vehicles = $5 (battle bones has a crack on his back)

(Take all vehicles for $110 + shipping!)


Twistoid Accessories (stand and blade): $20
Snake Mountian Pieces: $10
Grayskull Pieces: $10
Crystal Castle Pieces: $15
Sweetbee headband: $5

Instruction Booklets
Zoar - $5
Fright Zone - $10
Crystal Castle - $10
Crystal Swift Wind - $10

Gold plated sword of protection with real sapphire: $30 REALLY BEAUTIFUL!

If you want more pictures or more descriptions I'd be very happy to oblige but only for potential purchases over $50.

Let me know if you're interested via PM or Reply!

E. Phoenix (Greg)