View Poll Results: Which Filmation "Minis" do you want in your collection?

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  • Twiggets (Spragg, Sprocker, Sprittina, Sprint)

    42 44.68%
  • Widgets (Squinch, Lara, Kando)

    23 24.47%
  • Trollans (Montork, Dree Elle, Yuckers)

    53 56.38%
  • Madam Razz & Broom

    76 80.85%
  • Kowl

    82 87.23%
  • Imp

    77 81.91%
  • Lookee

    69 73.40%
  • Red Eye

    18 19.15%
  • Monteeg

    19 20.21%
  • Starchild

    23 24.47%
  • Daimar the Demon (baby)

    11 11.70%
  • Locus

    16 17.02%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: MOTUC Filmation Minis Popularity Poll- Locus, Monteeg, Red Eye, Lookee +

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    MOTUC Filmation Minis Popularity Poll- Locus, Monteeg, Red Eye, Lookee +

    This is the MOTUC Filmation Mini-figure Popularity Poll. This poll is dedicated to all the smaller (literally) characters that rounded out the Filmation universe. Without some of these characters produced as MOTUC figures, I won't feel the MOTUC line is truly complete.

    It doesn't matter how they come or how we get them. Two packs, three packs, pack-ins, lesser articulation (head & shoulders only), whatever. Please just vote for all the characters you want in your collection. Remember this is just for fun, so no "Mattel shouldn't waste a thought on these until I get Two-Bad" or "none of the above because they don't stab", please.

    I made this list off the top of my head so if I missed anyone, feel free to post them below. Thanks.
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