Hey all, so a while back I posted about the Power of Greyskull contest over on FigureRealm, well I just HAD to enter and guess what...........the fine voters decided to vote Beastie as their winner .

I did have a thread with all my customs in but it's been so long since I posted it kinda got lost amongst the boards.

I'll get straight to the recipe
Head = 200x Beastman

Neck = ML Beta Ray Bill, sculpted over.

Upper torso = ML Beast / Dr. Who Werewolf combination. sculpted all the fur on the body.

Lower torso = Dr.Who Werewolf, sculpted fur.

Arms and hands = ML Beast, sanded down to fit the bracelets and prevent paint rub. Sculpted to blend the bracelts.

Upper legs = Dr.Who Werewolf, sculpted fur.

Lower legs, knees and feet = ML Beast, sanded to prevent paint rub.

Collar = the spikes are from the 200x beastman, the underneath part is hemming tape, stitched together and the fur is all sculpted.

Loin, bracelets leg and arm aromur = 200x beastman, sanded to fit. The straps are from a starwars saesee tiin skirt.

Whip = handle from a 200x ice armour Heman staff. Earphone wire wrapped around a twistie tie and an unknown spiked ball on the end.

Paints and sealer = Games Workshop.