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Thread: My Meg Foster Experience or How I Got Meg Fosterís Cracker Jacks

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    My Meg Foster Experience or How I Got Meg Fosterís Cracker Jacks

    I got in line to see her with Jobber, one of the forum members on the Pop Culture Network, who is super cool. I told her the costume she wore as Evil-Lyn was beautiful and asked how much of a pain was it to wear. She went on to tell a story about her first fitting. How she stood there holding the breast plat to her body as the costume designer, Julie Weiss, talked to a wardrobe person. She said that with the breast plate, which she thought was beautiful, against her stomach, there was 2 to 3 inches of space between her breast and the breast plate.

    When the wardrobe person left, She said she was almost in tears. and she looked at Julie and said “this is so beautiful and hand crafted. But…. I don’t have breast. Couldn’t they have gotten a mold of me to make sure it would fit.” To which the Julie said, “Meg, when we are done here we are going up stairs to the corset department. We are giving you breast.” To which Meg was very grateful that some one would finally take the time to give her breast.

    After that story, I got her autograph on a BEAUTIFUL image of her holding the cosmic key as Evil-Lyn and got a picture with her.

    Later on in the day, I went over to talk to her some more. I was behind on other person, and most of the convention hall had cleared out. I help the person a head of me take a picture with Meg. Then Meg asked if i wanted another to which i said sure. So I posed and she said be sassy. after that pic she said… ok another. and another. and another. It was AWESOME!!

    I stood there and talked to her for a good 30 mins. It was great cause as much as I was interested, in her she was interested in me. We talked about He-Man, school, work, paying your dues, and she asked… so your not originally from here. and i said “no I’m originally from Guam.” and I thought her head was going to explode! she started going through her bag trying to find something, kinda talking to herself. Pulled out a protein bar and said “do you like these, do you want it.” and I said no thanks. and she went back to digging and pulled out a bag of Cracker Jacks, and again offered them to me. This time i gladly excepted them. XD

    After a bit more digging she finally realized that what she was looking for was on her hand. a ring. She pulled it off, and showed it to me. explaining the stone and where she got it. and then she turned it over and said “and on the inside it says who made it” and on the inside band there was a G in a star followed by an arrow, which she claimed is interpreted as Guam. Now I dont know if what she was saying was legit. But she went on to say that it was a sigh we were destined to meet. and who am I to argue with that! LOL

    We stood there and talked for a few more minutes before I decided I needed food. and she had to go to the special dinner any way. She asked if i would be there again tomorrow and i said yeah. and she said to say hi to her again. But everytime I walked by her booth she was either busy or not there. But its ok. cause i got a good chunk of time with her 1 on 1. and she was so sweet and awesome. It was great. and that is how got Meg Fosters Cracker Jacks.

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    Cool story, bro!

    And I seriously mean that! I love to hear stories about when fans get to chat with someone whose work they love and the artist/celebrity/ writer is genuinely nice. Thanks for sharing that!
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    Really nice story - Meg sounds like a great lady.
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    I think I would have become the ultimate blabbering fanboy had I met her.
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    Thank you for sharing the story, I hope she visits future Power-Cons too!

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    She sounds like a really cool lady! I have to admit I was a bit taken back that she's so much more 'gaunt' than I recall her character being in the movie, but I suppose 30 or so years and much water under the bridge will change everyone! Overall though, again, very cool anecdote.
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    Wow, Meg is so beautiful....
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    I was fortunate to have my table on the convention floor directly next to Meg's. Everyone's right: she really is amazing. Time after time I watched as she not only gave her complete attention to everyone that stopped by her table but was also geniunely interested in the fans and their lives. She exudes positive energy and it seemed to me that she was as happy to see the fans as they were to see her.

    Over the two days we had a lot of time to chat and I found her intelligent, witty and possessing a fine sense of humor. She was a delight. I gave her a signed copy of my latest murder mystery novel and she gifted me with an autographed photo. But I will say that getting CrackerJacks from her is the ultimate prize. If it was me I'd have them set in a block of Lucite and put it on my desk as a constant reminder of a very special lady that brims with grace.

    She was one of the highlights of my Power-Con experience.
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