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    Zargon's Story of Tri-Klops

    Brought up in the order of the Tryclopsian Monks located in the Mystic Mountains, Trydor Esooniux Scope was well on the path to spiritual enlightenment and unequalled fighting skill. Training under the tutelage of his father, the Shogun, Trydor had achieved the intermediate rank of green having successfully passed the levels of both white and gold, leaving only blue, red and ultimately the black rank.
    As Tryclopsian Monks advance through the ranks of their martial art they learn to focus through their third eye to unlock the power within. With each level, the monk in training wears a uniform colored in their current rank along with their third eye also being that color when focused on their inner chi. Each eye color has a different energy blast and power with the exception of the novice rank of white. The gold eye has an energy blast like lightning and the power to see in extremely bright light; the green eye has a poison energy blast and the ability to see energy signatures; the blue eye has a freezing energy blast and ability to focus on either extremely small or far items; the red eye has a laser fire energy blast and the ability to see in the dark; and the black eye has a soul crushing energy blast, the ability to see through objects and the ability to change into any of the lower ranks and use their abilities. They also train in hand-to-hand combat and a variety of weapons, but specifically swordsmanship. Traditionally, male Tryclopsian monks shave their heads and grow their beards into a long goatee eventually attaching a small blade on the end of it to aid in battle.

    One day word came to the temple that the Shogun’s older brother, Mykal Ro Scope (Uncle Mak to Trydor), had left to seek his fortune. Uncle Mak was currently ranked blue, just one level above Trydor, but Trydor thought the world of him so Trydor decided that he would follow his uncle’s example and leave his father and the temple. He shaved off his beard and mustache, packed his uniform and weapons and snuck out that night. Little did Trydor know, but Uncle Mak was shanghaied into service on a pirate ship on the sea of Rakash and would not be heard from again for years to come.

    As Trydor journeyed from the Mystic Mountains towards Eternos Palace he came upon a young Man-at-Arms named Duncan and his little girl, Teela, surrounded by Shadow Beasts. Trydor leapt to their aid slashing and stabbing the Shadow Beasts with his sword and blasting them with his poisonous eye blast. Duncan was very impressed and grateful for Trydor’s intervention. He then asked Trydor if he would like to join his Royal Guard.
    Soon after joining the Eternian Palace Guards, Trydor became Duncan’s apprentice and began his technological education. With his promotion he was given a new flexible armor to be his new uniform (based on the armor of Duncan’s older brother, Malcom) and access to Duncan’s lab. As Duncan’s apprentice Trydor redesigned his new armor to incorporate parts of his Tryclopsian Monk uniform (leaving an extra apprentice armor in the armory) and forged a duplicate of his sword for Malcom.

    Early in the Great Unrest, Duncan took Trydor to Castle Grayskull to induct him into the secret & sacred order, the Defenders of Grayskull. Duncan explained to Trydor that Castle Grayskull must be protected from evil at all costs and that only a select few are chosen to be Defenders of Grayskull; among them are Illumina, Dekker, Duncan and now Trydor. He went on to explain how this was more than an oath of loyalty or fealty, but one of total submission to the Power of Grayskull and the defense thereof. Betrayal of Grayskull or the order would result in destruction of the betrayer.
    One of Trydor’s greatest inventions while serving as apprentice to Man-at-Arms was his Tri-Optic visor along with his spy drones. He had created a visor that could be worn by anyone that allowed the user to emulate some of the powers of the Tryclopsian Monks. This would give Trydor access to powers that he hadn’t learned at the temple. The visor itself was made to spin on the head of the user to focus on individual eyes and powers; the green eye has Gammavision, the ability to see around objects, the blue eye has Distavision, a form of Far Vision, and the red eye has Night Vision. Each eye also emits an optic blast and allows the user to see what the spy drones see as well as what is directly in front of the user.
    During one of the attacks on the Eternos Palace by Count Marzo during the Great Unrest, Trydor was testing the Tri-Klopsian Visor in battle. It was during this skirmish that Trydor was hit by a blast of magical energy that blinded his two lower eyes and fused the Tri-Klopsian Visor with the optic nerve of his third eye, temporarily blinding it as well. Confused and in excruciating pain, Trydor fled the palace seeking solace.
    After searching for Trydor for several days, Duncan decided that Trydor must have been obliterated by the blast and reluctantly promoted Dekker’s grandson, Raenius (better known as Clamp Champ), from royal bodyguard to his apprentice.
    Feeling abandoned by Man-at-Arms and ashamed to return to the Tryclopsian Monk order, Trydor decided that he would use all of his training to leave Eternia and his past behind him; Trydor used his tracking skills and spy drones to find a dimension portal to Etheria in Despondos. While there he became known as Tri-Klops, inter-dimensional bounty hunter and tracker.

    There he remained until the day when Skeletor summoned him back to Eternia in the last days of the Great Unrest to take out He-Man. Tri-Klops once again returned to his home planet and headed towards Castle Grayskull seeking He-Man. After failing to defeat He-Man, Tri-Klops repaired his Tryclopsian Monk uniform and decided to return to the Mystic Mountains to ask forgiveness from his father for leaving the order. Learning of Trydor’s family conflict, Skeletor revealed his own exile and manipulated Trydor into joining him at Snake Mountain where he serves Skeletor using his technological skills and swordsmanship.

    *Personal designs created in HeroMachine.*
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